Saturday, January 28, 2012

Miss Switchplate Makeover and Plans for Garden Talk

Yesterday I said I'd share a quick spiffer-upper for those boring old switchplate covers-the poor neglected things, they quietly do their job and never complain. How happy they will be when they get a makeover for pennies on the dollar with stuff you probably have already in your house!

Look at this poor downcast dejected switchplate cover.
Very forlorn if I do say so-and almost *naked*!

You'll need the following for your switchplate makeover:

  • scrapbook paper or any type of paper such as: pages out of an old book, photocopied images, wrapping paper you like, etc...
  • scissors
  • decoupage glue
  • scotch tape
  • ribbons or something you might want to use to embellish your switchplate
  • exacto knife to cut switch hole and screw holes
  • oh yes, a clean switchplate crying out for attention!
Begin by figuring up the size of your particular switchplate (mine happens to be a Miss and so from this point on will be known as Miss Switchplate). Mark the paper if you need to, or size it up, be brave and cut that paper to size, leaving enough to fold over the back.

Placing Miss Switchplate on the paper 'yardage'
for her fitting! She is so excited!

Next you will spread decoupage glue all over your switchplate, use your fingers, it's OK...have a paper towel handy to wipe the glue off your fingers. Make sure it is covered on the front only.

Miss Switchplate getting her 'spa treatment'.

Place paper on the front of your glue-y Miss Switchplate and press firmly to remove air bubbles. Turn over and gently begin on the sides to fold the paper around toward the back. Secure paper on the back with pieces of scotch tape. So easy!! You can do this!!! Don't be frustrated!

Getting ready for her new duds.

Continue folding the paper around Miss Switchplate's sides and then do the top and the bottom-folding the paper to the back and securing in place with the tape.

She's almost all tucked in now.

Miss Switchplate feeling quite like a
new girl already!

After you have the edges fully taped down in the back, turn over and cut a little slice in the switch hole with your exacto knife. Cover entire sheet of paper on the front with decoupage glue. Remember to wipe your fingers often so you put an even coat on the cover and don't  muss up Miss Switchplate's pretty new dress. Set her aside to relax and dry from her spa treatment.

You can then apply any embellishments you'd like. I would advise keeping to flat items so you don't knock them off each time you turn the light on. I used ribbon and ric-rac on Miss Switchplate here-again, attaching it securely on the back with scotch tape. She is so happy with her new looks and made friends quickly with the curtains since they have their gingham-ness in common. Which really is rude of the curtains-I think-because they snubbed their noses at her plainness before! How rude!!

Here is Miss Switchplate with her new look.
She is so happy, she's even made friends with
the curtains!

I did not mention it in the directions, but I colored the tops of the screws with a red Sharpie Permanent Marker. I love doing things for the house using what I have! It really does not need to cost a lot to do some things in your house that brighten it up! How frugal!!

Tomorrow is Show-Me Saturday, so it's photo post and then Sunday Meditations. So I'll be a bit quiet for the next couple of days.

Next week, I intend to talk GARDENS...all week! I am excited! Garden time is almost here-but it also means lots of work, and this year we are enlarging our garden and starting our own seedlings too. I am tired of not ever finding what I want when I go to the garden centers. But, that is talk for next week! I plan to photograph our way through planting seeds to harvesting and canning and encouraging you all to try it too...from balcony gardens to container gardens to raised bed gardens to cold frames to hoop houses and lots more in there too, and sometimes I'll be learning as I go and sharing it all with you here!

So, next week will be lots of stuff to talk about, and I'm hoping you comment and ask questions so we can all learn together! We can make this a family affair!

Father, thank you for another week gone by to be a blessing in our home. Another week to glorify your name and show your love to others whose paths we cross along the way. We place our plans for gardening in your hands and ask you to bless us as we learn and put our hands to the tasks needed to plant, take care of, and harvest a garden. Help us to learn and encourage one another as we go. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Have a most blessed weekend at your Home-Sweet and enjoy your time and fellowship in Christ!

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