Monday, December 8, 2008

Here it is...December...

and it's been so long since I've been able to sit and put a post up.

I'm still at my task of decluttering. I had a series of yard sales this fall and finally ended up giving it all away at the end. I just wanted to be rid of it all and did not want to pack it all up and carry it all back home. It was quite freeing really. Believe it or not, I cannot remember any of the items, nor do I miss them. I felt as if a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders. Praise God!

I am going to try to get my basement cleaned out somewhat this winter. I have so many things I used to use for doll-making and artwork and don't even bother with any of it. So, I am going to go through it all and figure out what I will sell online.

I have been busy with needlework, counted cross-stitch, knitting and I want to make some winter hats for Lydia.

I am also ready to cut out a cover/carrier for my Bible. Maybe soon I'll post the makings of it. I've never made one before so you can all share in my mistakes and triumphs. My Bible is falling apart so terribly! The maps and part of the concordance are out, but I still have them. I have wanted to make a carrier for a while now so I can keep it all together easier. I hope it doesn't prove to be too has two zippers! I do not like zippers!!!

I was able to visit family in Illinois recently. I met the couple who are living in my building-well, actually, I've decided to give the building over to the Lord. He can figure out what to do with it now. That is also another burden lifted. The man living in one of the apartments is doing some handy work for me, which is good, seeing as how it really needs a lot of work! I was able to meet the Pastor of the Assembly of God church who orchestrated along with my Mom and brother-in-law Ray the roof over this homeless couple's head. God is good!

Dave says he would like to go to Illinois after the 24th. We shall permitting and of course...if the Lord wills.

Also...just a little FYI here...we have decided not to celebrate Christmas. We have strong convictions about mixing the Lord's name with the pagan god 'saturn'...I know...we don't worship 'saturn'...but after reading Jeremiah 10:1-5...and studying the winter solstice and 'saturnalia'...we have decided we just could not justify it anymore...anyhow. It will seem strange not to decorate...because I was a fiend about fun!!! But I cannot do it now. We will still spend time with family because we love our family, but we will not partake in any of the festivities.

That said, though, I opened my December copy of Martha Stewart magazine...and found the snowflake section and just enjoyed it so much! Lydia and I decided that since God made snowflakes, each one quite unlike the other, we would decorate the place up a bit with snowflake scherenschnitte!! We had a fun time cutting out snowflakes and we will hang them up tomorrow. I'll try to get a photo. We want to see if I have any doilies to stiffen or maybe make the doily/snowflake and light wreath.

Alright...I think we're caught up for now. I'll have to see if I can find any photos for this post to liven it up a bit.

Thank God for the Home-Sweet Things. Keep those who are suffering hard times in your prayers, but more than that...extend your hand to the poor. Bake bread, take them soup, tea, sugar, staples...anything from your own pantry. God is good and He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Goodnight Dear Ones!