Friday, July 1, 2016

To Will And To Do For His Good Pleasure

I began my "Intentional Series" earlier this year, and I intend to carry it further. I just wanted to talk about it for a bit. Maybe I already did, but I thought it bore repeating, because I got intentional about so many other things, except my blog! I am attempting to bring changes here and hope to be better able to minister to those who need it and also take time for enjoyable things as well.

done on purpose

There are so many areas I have been forced to ask myself, "Could I be more intentional in this area?".  This year 'intentional' is my God-gifted "word"; The word that resonates with me and is part of my every day thinking. A word I share with whosoever has eyes to see and ears to hear. I've even seen others with the same word of the year and was amazed!!!

Does God do that for you? Does He plant a word in your heart and mind that whenever you do anything you are led to that word and pray to line up your heart, mind and actions accordingly? This has been going on for me for some time. I have come to the place where, at year's end, I wait upon the Lord for another word to focus on and meditate on next.

It's not that I'm special, no, that I am not. There are no celebrity sons or daughters in God's Kingdom, not one. We are all beloved, yet we are all in different places of grace and growth. What God is working in me may not be the same as what God is working in you...except that it is to will and to do for His good pleasure. That part is always the same!

At first, I thought I might be a careless one. Otherwise, why would the Father have to plant 'intentional' in my heart and mind. But after taking time to think about it and meditate upon it, I can see where this word has been very important to things here at the Home-Sweet. It comes to mind at every opportunity, I have avoided many spur of the moment decisions that I used to give no thought to and now try to always take the time to think things through. 

I am trying to take every opportunity to apply my daily everything to being intentionally in that moment, that place, be there and not fret about what else I have to do, where else I have to go, stress, stress, stress. I don't know about you, I will be honest, there are many factors and situations in my life and in the lives of those I love, that just simply stress me out! That moment when my heart wants to pound and my thoughts go haywire, that is the time my Dear Savior's Word kicks in and I become mindful of Scripture and I have to intentionally allow the peace that passes understanding to flood my soul and not give in to the fears and doubts and stresses of life in this realm.

'Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, On Earth As It Is In Heaven"

This is our prayer, is it not? Do we hinder His will, His intention in our lives? This should not be Dear Ones. It will only cause us to prolong the inevitable work of God in us. He will let us reap the fruit of holding back the seeds of growth, until we feel the near death of stagnation. Until we come to that place in our spirit that can no longer breathe without Him. Have you never been there? God bless you. For those of us who make mistakes, we learn and grow and draw ever closer to Him, who is our breath.

Father, thank you for Your Word. Let us always be mindful of it so that our lives may be steered in the proper direction, with the proper attitude, that Your good pleasure is the result! In Jesus' Name, Amen