Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Long Tempering Process...

Many times I've been near the point of getting on to post and have been sidetracked with some pressing need and the posting thought got away from me.

I've been messing around on here this evening to force myself to get back on and get back in the swing of posting. I took off the music after finding that there was something on the list that I did not quite remember putting on there. Alas, I just could not get it to work, so I've dumped it all for a bit.

I will not bore you with the details of the past year that I've been away. I will let you know it's been busy, full of trials and tests. Many days I've been exhausted and our tents here have definitely been enlarged.

I believe we have been put through a sort of 'tempering' process. No matter which piece of the definition you choose to give it, each one has passed through our home this year. I asked the Lord what was going on and 'tempering' is what it seems was His answer. So, it was a year of 'working in' and 'working out'; 'heating' and 'cooling' in order to strengthen and toughen us; we've also been softened and worn down; my favorite is this one: to moisten, mix, and work up into proper consistency, as clay or mortar. THAT IS THE TICKET! Since the Lord is the Potter...and we are the clay...He has every right to moisten, mix and work us up into whatever He desires!

I only pray we are learning how to be the vessels He is fashioning us into. I have so many areas that need a total mixing and working! I know He will not leave His task and He will transform me into the likeness of His Son-my Lord, Jesus Christ.

There is much pain involved in dying to yourself. I will leave it at that. But as I learn to yield to the mixing and working up...the pain is minimal. It is as I kick against the goads...the pain is increased. Oh that I would learn to become pliable in my Lord's Hands!

And so, without so many details, that has been this year, since January, in a nutshell. I do pray that it ends better than it began and that the new year proves me wiser for having gone through it all.

God Be Praised That We Can Survive His Tempering Process And Be Filled With His Sweet Fragrance To Pour Out And Bless Him And Others As We Daily Go About Our Home-Sweet Things! x0