Saturday, September 20, 2014

Is There An Echo In Here?

Hello Dear Ones!

I am popping in to say 'Hello' and I haven't forgotten you. I am frantically attempting to get things ready for my oldest son's wedding on October 4th.

Housework, yard work, canning, freezing, dehydrating...mucking pens and cleaning coops. Weeding and moving manure! You get the picture!

On top of it...sewing. Sewing a wedding gown and an outfit for myself. The gown has to outfit...not such a big deal. But I will try!

Here is a cute photo of our meat birds that moved outside today. 48 to be exact. In my dining room. That dining room has had its share of transforming into a nursery this year!

Anyhow...they're outside and happy! So am I...48 birds equals a whole lot of dust and odor! Now I can really get down to cleaning inside the house for my family from Illinois! YAY!!

I really like my chickens! They are so cute...for now!

Blessings upon you and your Home-Sweet! Things should be back to 'normal' after the October 4th wedding! Until then...I'm still here!