Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This Is Neat and Scary At The Same Time!

With this new phone I can stick a post up anytime or save drafts to edit later at home. It sort of creeps me out. Anyway, it is rather convenient and so I will use it for now. I can also add photos and wow you with 'up to the minute journalism'!!!
Crazy, but very useful!

I picked a very small first tomato today. All my toms are small, cherry or paste.
With the unexpected care for my Mother-in-Law, there was not much gardening this spring. Actually, most of the things I posted earlier this year as goals, took a back seat to 'real life'.
Father God had His own plans in mind. God will use life lessons to prune and mold us and transform us into the image of His Dear Son. Some lessons sure are hard, especially when He lays your soul bare and exposes things He wants to purge. It can be quite painful actually, but if we want to grow in Him, we must allow Him to consume us. It all boils down to His will versus my own will. I pray for the wisdom to lay my own will down every time.
Bigger update later. I just wanted to try this out.
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