Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Happenings

Good Day Dear Ones!

Another routine Thursday.

It did have some highlights though. The sun shone again-spifferoo! Lovely! Always welcome in my book!

Noticing the girls out in their shed all hoping for a turn in the sunlight, I decided to let them have a turnabout scritchity-scratching around the yard. They really enjoy roaming about the yard and taking their sunbaths-no matter how chill the air. As much as a hen can enjoy herself-I think it is quite enjoyable for a feathered girl to roam free and spy a speck and scratch at it, and peck and poke at it. I think it gives a feathery girl as much joy as can be had-for one with aviary inclinations.

See here as they run fast and free into the leafy, dull yard as if it were streets of gold!

They don't seem to mind the many shades of brown, brown, brown as they huntscratchspypeck, huntscratchspypeck. The boring brownness is way too bland for my taste though. Way too! They were so busy scratching, they didn't even pose for their photgraph!

Here I am for your viewing pleasure doing my 'Peter Pan' impression. The girls are securing my shadow to the ground before I lose it again! (It's OK if you have no clue what I'm talking about-I get that a lot! ) I put this here for you Mom (one of my biggest fans!)-and those of you who love me know what an aversion I have to getting my picture taken!

Another Sweet-Thing that happened today was this cuteness overload,(it was taken through the back door window-so it's got a bit of a blur-bear with us-it's too cute not to share).

Picture #1:

Picture #2:

Of course, we have much squirrel-love around here! It wasn't always so, but we are 'nuts' about them!!! What a pretty girl.

Some would be totally perturbed that she got into their chicken feed, but some would have put the feed right away and it would not have been an issue! Still, I do not mind sharing some pellets with this furry chunk of sweetness!

I thought I'd share a little sampling of a project I am working on, not quite sure just how it will work out, although I'd like to make a couple of half-panels for the Dining Room windows in front of the sewing station.

Really, really liking the colors-fit right in with my 'decor'...and I am making them with yarn, not thread, they are a bit bulkier and chunkier, but not too much. This book appeals to me in many ways, I would have taken a couple of inside photos to share, but the camera batteries died and I was called away to other things. Maybe when I get a bit farther.

On another note, the book is written entirely in Japanese-which really makes it challenging if you'd like to know hook size, when to turn, etc. The pattern is not written out, it is in chart form, but it would be nice to know what symbols stand for what. At any rate, I just did what I thought to do from the chart, and this is what I got. Acceptable to me, so I wrote down as I went along so I can do it again and again.

One more fun thing, my cousin came over and we went to visit a nearby farm here. Freedom Hill Farm is owned and operated by Rick and Julie Vreeland-very lovely folks! And most beloved to us-family really! :) So long since I've seen Julie and we talked and chatted and caught up and then Rick joined us and we talked about all the wonderful things the Lord is doing! So very encouraging! Julie asked about all my family (Mom, sisters, brother, etc...) and it was such a blessing to hear all their news too!

Ah Lord, you give us so many blessings in one day-sometimes your goodness overwhelms me! I am so thankful for the opportunity to visit loved ones and enjoy your creation! How wonderful are your works Lord!

What good things has the Lord done for you today? Remember to be thankful as you enjoy the blessings each day inside and outside your own Home-Sweet Things!

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