Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Bright Ideas and a Small Sewing Spot

I had a 6 a.m. bright idea this morning between sunrise and coffee time. I thoughtfully pondered setting up a sewing station for myself. Whilst running my mind through the various rooms in the house, there was nary a one I could use. Every one of our 5 bedrooms has an occupant. No room for Mama's sewing machine.

Upon further contemplations, I struck on a wonderful place! My Dining Room!! It has the brightest light with two windows side by side and is still in the hub of the house.

It would take some rearranging, (something I am noted for) but I was determined now.

After driving my eldest son to meet his boss, and feeding and watering the outdoor and indoor animals, and tending to the fire, I set about my much-anticipated task. It was now 9:00 a.m. Floors to sweep and give a mopping, cupboards to move, tables to find, machines to settle, little tables to situate.

Of course, since it's winter, darkness was upon me and so, I had to give up finishing my happy beginnings and will continue tomorrow.

The Dining Room has been in a state of remodel, for quite a while now. There were other things, outdoors to attend to, and as long as the necessaries indoors work, men tend to think out of doors is most important first. I suppose they are right, for if the roof is leaking and the foundation needs mending, the rest of the house may fare badly! And so, one who peruses this blog, will have to excuse the floors and the ceilings and the lack of window frames. There is nothing to be done for it right now. Still, I will focus on the positive: I shall be sewing and crafting and stitching and creating to my heart's content.

So, somehow, while I expect a visitor tomorrow, I will try to fit in more sewing station goodness-but alas, I fear I may have to wait until Friday to work on it again. In the meantime, I shall dream of appropriate shelf space and the banishment of my deep freeze to the basement. Thank the Lord for two strong sons who can do the job successfully.

I have a photo to share of the little bit I've set up so far, some things just to try color and others to just see how they might fit together. At any rate, there will be little spurts of moving about until it gets situated.

I've been also gathering books together today to share tomorrow. Books I intend to read this year.
List coming tomorrow, and pictures to share dreams of a work station for my faithful 'Mathilda'...who never complains when awakened at a moment's notice to make a stitch or two upon one thing or another. I plan to make her a spiffy cover to keep her from getting dusty, now that she'll be living out of the cabinet.

Are you planning to do some spiffy new move-abouts in your home this new year?

Heavenly Father, thank you for creativity, the blessing to enjoy making something and sharing it with the family or those you put in our path. Please bless our endeavors and give us strength to bring it all to swift completion. All for your glory Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen

Praise God for a new year and new beginnings. Remember that this is the day that the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it. Enjoy your Home-Sweet and bless your hands as you work in it!

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Helena said...

Hey honey,
I love your cozy sewing corner!! Good for you for finding a spot to be creative, it looks perfect already!!