Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Perfectly Spiffy and Sunshiny!

It was a perfectly spiffy, sunshiny day today! So thankful! Sunshine does always seem to pull one out of the doldrums-grey has its purpose, it makes things more restful-but I like a good sunshiny day!

I worked a bit on my sewing station move-about before my visitor came. Pulling something away from a wall, when it's been there a while, always reveals dust bunnies and certain items you wish you knew how they got there. Amongst all the dust was an acorn. Why? I am sure I will never know! At any rate, I got the freezer pulled out and it will be moved down to the basement tonight. A good time to do freezer inventory for my Grocery/Pantry Binder.

I had to paint the wall I took a shelf off over the weekend and put in my kitchen. It holds more and since we have become quite the tea collectors, I needed more room for all the varieties we have. There is nothing quite like a good cuppa in the late morning or afternoon, and then at evening, now is there?

So, the freezer will be moved and the wall is painted. I need to get in the basement and clear the wall for the freezer and also decide what bookshelf I will use to hold fabrics and necessary, needful handiwork items I'll be using. Whatever I decide to use, I may go to the thrift store or to Craig's List to find a glass front cabinet. Maybe. I just haven't decided yet. Whatever I choose, it will be at a thrifty price-I don't want this to cost anything if I can help it-at least not more than it should! Trying to save for some supplies to work on the inside of the house! (This comes from my newfound knowledge of Dave Ramsey and the 'envelope system' and working on making it happen.)

Since my #2 Son is not at home this evening, I had to forgo my freezer basement placement, but this gives me a better chance to do inventory at a less frantic pace. So, inventory in the a.m., moving the freezer to the front porch where it will be ready when it's time to move. Yes, there is an outlet on the porch, so all is well inside the freezer.

Now, my booklist. I think it is quite large. If I get to actually read ALL of these books I will be very happy.

My long list of books (after the Bible) includes (but is not limited to):

Practice of the Presence of God
Forgotten God/Francis Chan
Erasing Hell/Francis Chan
Assembling Together/Watchman Nee
Not I But Christ/Watchman Nee
Do All To The Glory of God/Watchman Nee
Love One Another/Watchman Nee
Shepherding A Child's Heart
The Long Road Home/Pablo Yoder
Tears of the Rain/Ruth Ann Stelfox
The Pilgrim Church/Broadbent

Laura The Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder/Donald Zochert
Gardening when it counts/Steve Solomon
You Can Farm/Joel Salatin
Four-Season Harvest/Eliot Coleman

That's my list and my stack of all stacks of books I'd like to read this year. At this time, at the same time, right now, I am reading Forgotten God, Practice of the Presence of God, Assembling Together and Tears of the Rain. I do not mix them up-I simply have different times I read them throughout the week. So, at that rate, it shouldn't take me long to read most of them.

The Nee books, I mark in (yes, I am a 'book marker'!!!)-there are such a richness of things I want to remember in them, to look back upon and meditate on, chew on. I'm sure I'll mark Shepherding a Child's Heart and possibly the gardening books. Well, if there's something I want to remember, I expect I'll be marking any book if I own it! I always seem to reference back to things I've read and share them with other people.

What will you be reading this year? Have you picked out a few books?

Father, You told us in Your Word that there is no end to the writing of books. Looking at the stack here in front of me, and all the books on my shelves, I can understand why you said that. Still, I pray for a mind that can glean all that You would have me learn in them. May I grow more like You in the reading, and again, learn that it is just not about me-but it is always and at all times, about You! In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Take time, get a cuppa, sit down in a comfy spot and make the time to read. Whether it's the Word of God, a testimony, or some other edifying piece of literature, Whatever you read, read it to God's glory and let it work out as a blessing to those in your Home-Sweet!

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