Thursday, January 12, 2012

Defining My Day

I'm trying to 'Define My Day' and not having a very easy time of it. I read about doing this back when I ordered a copy of 'Managers of Their Homes' and began using the charts and setting up a schedule. Then there were numerous blogs that offerered free charts that I found around August of 2011. I know it was August of 2011 because that's when I started my Homemaking Binder.

Just making a daily to-do list was a challenge for me, but having that simple binder did help me keep many things together that formerly were quite scatterred.

Not being a 'Type A' personality, I just have a hard time sticking to a schedule rigidly. I am easily distracted, I admit it. Some may call that 'flexible'. I do agree that we must not be so rigid that we cannot be led by the Holy Spirit to drop everything to go minister to others, or weep with those who weep, etc. I had company all day and did not even get to look at my Daily Goal/Habit/Discipline List...maybe I'm afraid of it. I think I might be. Still, like all medicine, it doesn't always taste good, but it helps you get better!

I see peace and joy in a day that is set in order and has in it certain accomplishments that bring blessings to our homes. I believe that's part of what God knew would be the joy of the Proverbs 31 woman-whom I still look at in amazement.

I am so very far away from being 'that woman' that it sometimes discourages me. Still, I know she is shown to us as a standard of a righteous woman. I fall very short-but have to always keep in perspective that the Author and Finisher of my faith is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ, and He is always revealing to me that in this daily walk, I am being transformed into His image each moment. It's not so much the 'doing' or the 'not doing' and then praising or beating myself up for the consequences, it's walking in His presence, communing with Him and learning to say 'Yes, Lord' in every detail, no matter how mundane I think it is. He gives me strength to make it through.

I think I may read Brother Lawrence's book "The Practice of the Presence of God" once again. It's been a long time since I've read it and could use a good reminder that it's all for the glory of the Lord and simply enjoying His presence in every situation.

As soon as I learn how to stick a PDF file in here, I will share the 'Yes, Lord' phrase for you to print out. Hang several of them here and there throughout your house as a reminder that whatever we do in word or deed, we do it unto the Lord. That particular phrase is borrowed from Amy Carmichael and ever since I saw it, I try to bring it to mind as often as necessary.

For one of my January to-do's...I called Territorial Seed Co. and requested another catalog. I was on their list, but did not receive my 2012 catalog. My Sister-in-law has the greenest thumb I've ever seen. I'll tell more about her and her planting schedules and such tomorrow. In fact, I am going to try to meet with her to find out when she's going to start her seeds this year. I try to follow her methods because she has such good results. She feeds her entire family ONLY on what she grows, bakes and their livestock. She comes from a family background of this and has carried it on-many times out of necessity. A good example of diligence in my opinion! It humbles me.

Lord, Help me get honest with myself and tough on myself and get these hourly/daily/weekly/monthly yearly commitments documented so I can do the things that need to get done this year. Please give me strength and a mind to get it on paper so I can see it and use it daily. Please remind me often that it is by your grace that I even breathe each moment. Give me a heart attitude that always says to you, 'Yes, Lord' no matter what my flesh is telling me to say.

Take heart Dear Ones, even in the smallest Home-Sweet tasks we are very near the Lord and His desire is unbroken communion with us every moment.

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