Monday, January 23, 2012

Foodalicious Sunshine

A drear day, gray and rainy. Definitely a slow moving, hodge podge kind of day.

I've got lots on my mind to do though. Bringing it all to fruition always takes much longer than I prefer.

I tried on this dark day to photograph a bookshelf I want to spiff up and use in my sewing station. Photos tomorrow-I think sunshine is forecast!

So, since it's dark, gray and rainy, I think I will share photos I took of different food ventures Dave and I spent time on one Saturday in the autumn of 2011. I'll share some bright, sunny, colorful foods from our garden and little homestead. Pretty and yummy!!

Butternut Pulp and Juice for Soup;
Veggies from the Garden

Shades of Chicken Broth

The Long Row of Giant Jars

Yellow Chicken Broth

Just Some More Jar Fun!!

That'll do!

Praise the Lord for His bounty and provisions for the Home-Sweet Things! God is so good!

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