Friday, January 13, 2012

Home, Homestead and Handiwork Goals Revisited

This is a long post, but wanted to share some things I plan to do in more detail.

Tomorrow I will post some photos of some of the things I've discussed here.

I've been reading other blogs and been inspired again to think about some of the projects I want to work on this year. I do have some DIY projects for the house, but also on the 'homestead' too. There are also some handiwork things I'd like to do throughout the year.

So some of my list for now is:

House Projects:

Kitchen-entire, massive project!

I have quite a mess at my kitchen window! Sheet rock missing and insulation hanging out all over since we did a replacement. It just needs to be given a temporary 'makeover' until one day we get to redo our kitchen. I've lived here for 23 years and this kitchen is very different from when we moved in-we changed a lot.

Still, anyone who has lived in a trailer knows how it goes with them. They are just not meant to last. The whole entire kitchen needs gutting and updating! My idea of updating is probably not normal ordinary though.
When I cleaned out a house, I was able to acquire an old porcelain sink, a really heavy one! It has a cabinet underneath that I'm not sure I'll use, but that is what I want to replace  the sink I have now. It's so old fashioned! Then I want to move my fridge and add some more windows on that wall. Maybe a garden window so I can put plants in it. We'll see how it all goes. For now, I have to get that budget going to save for it all!

DR and Kitchen-floors and ceilings-big project(!)
They are on the trailer side of the house and just need to be updated. The ceilings are that horrible trailer popcorn ceiling. If you happen to raise your hands and move them you may be cut on the sharpness...I want to cover it up with beaded ceiling panels.
We were blessed with land from Dave's family's farm property 24 years ago, and being a young couple (then!), bought a brand new trailer to put on it. Not what I would do now, but at the time, it was a Godsend!

Years later we added on 2 bedrooms and a large living room with a full basement under it.

We are still working on finishing it all-years later! But I am really feeling much better than I have in years-thanks to a HUGE diet change due to systemic candida. I've lost about 50-60 lbs and actually need to make some new skirts as my old ones are way too big now!

Tomorrow I will take a photo of my sorry kitchen window and try to come up with a plan to get it looking better. I have some old wainscot I got somewhere-at a yard sale or out of a basement or garage when I was selling real estate and doing a 'clean sweep' so the sale would go through. But not sure that's what I want to do with my wainscot. This weekend I am going to decide and will blog it.

Living Room Floor and moulding around ceiling

These are huge projects and most likely will only be done bit by bit, but writing them down makes me happy and gives me a visual.
I have started my Home Improvement Binder with a tab page divider for each room and have constructed a page where I can write notes for each room and measurements, etc... (Again, I'll share as soon as I figure out how to add PDF files to blog pages. If anyone cares to send info, please do!)

Homestead Projects:

Hoop House for birds (chickens, turkeys, ducks, roosters) - OR  small houses for turkeys and roosters to live in
Chicken Tractors
Make housing for milk goats
Move 4 raised beds
Move sidewalk blocks to make new walk to front door
Rebuild stone wall in front of house
Move all perennials and plants to front of house
Make site for cold frames
Move clothesline
Enlarge Garden

Handiwork Projects:

Work on rugs
Figure out how to warp my looms
Make new skirts and try my hand at jumpers for Lydia and I
Make draft dodgers for windows in Lydia's room
Knit socks
Make one chair slipcover
Make a quilt for oldest son, Brendt
Time for cross-stitching project I bought 2 years ago because I really liked it and have not started it yet
Finish afghan I started for Lydia's bed when she had a twin, now she has a full
Start my woodworking projects-should be first on the list because it is the most needful right now-need to get in basement and bring saws in and set up cutting area (yes, I do use all types of saws and can work in a workshop quite well!)
As I see them again, I need to get some things done right now on the Handiwork Projects List-like draft dodgers, I was in Lydia's room today doing a bit of clean up while she wasn't home and thinking about posting about 'Getting a Teen To Clean'...and the wind was howling up a storm. This was not good because we just put those windows in a couple of summers ago. But howl, howl, howl! They were not locked, and even when I locked them, they were not airtight! So, I will make some little window draft dodgers for the rest of the winter so the howling winter wind cannot sneak into her room.

I will also take some photos of my peg loom Dave built me and show the rug I have on there now. I want to make some rugs and put them either on the new site or in my new etsy shop. I'll let you know where it's all going. There is something about rugs that I really like and want to make lots and lots of them! I want to try to make them in all types of fabrics too. Will keep you posted!

That is a bit of my long and tedious to-do list-again-for 2012. These are things that I will enjoy doing-if the Lord grants me strength! I try to upcycle/recycle too, so it will be challenging to do some of this using old stuff.

It is enjoyable to dream of the things we'd like to do in our Home-Sweet, yet let's keep it all in proper perspective. This 'kingdom' is but a temporal one, God's Kingdom is eternal, let us remember to put our hearts where true treasure is and not substitute the temporal for reality!

Father, help me to set my hands to fulfill your desires and create a home to show hospitality to others thereby bringing glory to your name. Let me do any Home-Sweet task considering others and using good stewardship of your money and time. May those weary souls who visit us find rest and comfort and the burdened receive joy and peace. In Jesus Holy Name, Amen

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