Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Home-Sweet Things 2012 Goal List

I thought today I would share my 'goal' progress.

There are a lot of things I'd love to accomplish over time, but right now I have to pick the ones that must be done this coming year. I cannot bite off more than I can chew-as they say. While I hate to admit it, I do have physical limitations, and lots of the moving needs to be done before the heat of the season kicks in. Still, I hate having limitations and will push myself to get things done!

This year we'll have a lot of moving around to do if we are to make room for either a hoop house or more animals or both. I also want to expand my vegetable garden. This will require me to move my in-ground clothesline and totally revamp the electric fencing. I will also have to move the four raised bed boxes that were for an herb garden, but last year were for a weed garden! Except for the perennial herbs, not much else got planted out there. This year will be different, Lord willing. I may incorporate them into my perennial beds and just not mess with raised beds at all.

I haven't quite tweaked my daily list of things to be done, I have used a routine list, but haven't stuck to it very well every single day. So, I should evaluate it and decide what to keep and what to remove.

I do have 7 areas I want to consider and keep track of in the upcoming year that in the past I have just let things come as they are-however they worked out is how I let them be-fixing what needed fixing and dropping what did not work. I will simply say, this is not good. Things just don't fully get accomplished this way. It's good to have a plan. Other times I would plan, and then the tyranny of the urgent would take its place. No more! This is not to say true emergencies will not arise now and then, but on a daily basis...again I say, "No more!"

My areas are:

Bible/Prayer/Ministry - Read through the Bible in a year/Study at least 12 topics like a Berean/Pray faithfully for those on my prayer list/Send encouraging notes to others/Pray about name for and begin Newsletter/Choose a list of faith-building books to read

Dave and I - Keep on top of health issues for both of us/Keep searching medicinal alternatives for ailments/Have a date night every other week/Save for anniversary getaway (make envelope!)/Read together more/Pray together more

Children/Homeschool - Continue encouraging Lydia to study in the areas she feels the Lord is leading her to study/More life skills studies/More homemaking skills/Continue encouraging our grown children to give their lives to the Lord/Show them the fruit of the Spirit at all times

Home/Home Improvements - Continue and Upgrade Cleaning Schedule/Work on menu plans/Organize Recipes/Organize Binders/Stock Pantry/Freezer Inventory/Continue Decluttering/Organize with 'margins'/Add basement as a Zone/Make a doable list of handiwork to accomplish-at least 2 items per month!/Finish soffits and gable ends of house/Dream about and find photos of kitchen remodel/Dining Room and Kitchen Floors/DR and Kitchen Ceilings/Decipher which projects I can do myself and which Dave has to do/Organize Home Improvement Binder

Finances - start envelope system and make it work!/Pick two ministries to give to on a regular basis

Business - Blog each day/Pick 6 items to write an ebook or homeschool curriculum ebook about/Make items to share tutorials with/Make items to sell

Homestead - 6 Turkeys this year/Meat Roosters/Enlarge Garden/Move all perennial beds to front of house/Build Chicken Tractors/Cold Frames/Start Seedlings/Hoop House hopefully

Book List - Choose and share at least 12 (if not more books) for 2012 (may include faith-building)

This list is a quick overview of my goals in each main category for 2012. Some things are more detailed than others. They may be added to when I get them written in my Goal Binder. As I add to them, I will update here.I've got a bunch of things to organize this year. I just have to realize that it will take time.

I think the next post will be the specific organization of things and the month allotted for each. I almost have all my monthly goals broken up and many of these things are distributed that way. Having it all broken down though and seeing all the things I'd like to accomplish this year will help me stay focused and make it a point to keep on top of it all.

I know there are times I will have to push myself. This week I am not feeling well. On top of this systemic candida I've been fighting since the spring of 2011, I am dealing with fibro pain or a flu trying to come on-so between the two I have to take little rests and eat lots of garlic!

I am so thankful that I discovered the order of Goal Setting, it is really helping to put the new year in perspective.

Thank you Father that you give us all things pertaining to life and Godliness in Christ! Help me to place all my plans before you. Please, do not let me get so wrapped up in lists and plans that I miss you Lord. Blessed be Your Name. Amen

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