Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just A Quick Hello

I wanted to pop in here and say "Hello" to everyone before I hit the hay.

I have had a quiet day spent pondering what I can do around here to spruce it up for fall. I think I will go on a bittersweet vine search tomorrow and I have some fun ideas that I want to do to bring some of the outside-in. I love the outdoors and don't get outside as much as I did when my children were younger.I will charge up my camera and hopefully I'll be able to get some indoor photos of a couple of areas I got to have fun in.

One thing I need to sit and work on are my new living room curtains. I have the cloth, I just haven't had the time. Maybe this coming week. I have old thrifted vintage sheers hanging there, but I want to make some heavier panels to hang over them for the colder weather. I also have some old vintage fabric given to me years ago by my friend Linda, that I want to use for the valances. It will be painful for me to cut it, but for goodness sake...why hold onto it in storage and not enjoy it? It's so pretty and will make lovely valances. (Linda, if you read's the old cover from May's daybed that you gave me years ago.) I've always been saving it for the perfect project...well, it will look so pretty with my apple green living room.

Anyhow-I'm chattering your ears off and I do have some things to share, but I need to go rest for the night and hopefully I'll have some fun things to put on here tomorrow night to encourage your creativity.

Thank you Lord, for the gift of creativity-may we use it for your glory. Thank you for the season of the harvest and let us remember the true harvest is the one that we reap for eternity. Amen

Enjoy your homes Dear Friends...God has placed in us the desire to make our homes a place we can enjoy, a place to express the creative spirit made after Him. Take the time to make a cozy spot, or fix up a little corner for your own. Just remember, no matter how humble our attempt at creativity-we glorify God when we take the time to make the home-sweet things lovely-a place where our families can rest! xoxoxo

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