Sunday, October 21, 2007

Family Day

Today we all sat and ate dinner together. That is a big deal at this house as my daughter Jynette doesn't live at home at this time, Jordan works a twelve hour shift starting at 7:00 p.m. Sunday nights, and Brendt isn't always home. My wonderful Mother-in-Law came over to enjoy dinner with us, my nephew was here and "Jordan's Amanda" was here totalling 9 for dinner. I was absolutely blessed to have so many loved-ones around me at once!

We had a chicken casserole dish (I'll share the recipe tomorrow-it's nice for church dinners), cranberry sauce, green beans from our second bean planting in the garden, broccoli, "Dilly Beans", pickled garlic, and squash whipped with brown sugar and butter. I made cupcakes and apple pie and had cookies and donuts leftover from Lydia's birthday party yesterday.

Hearing my MIL's stories is wonderful. I showed her my copy of "The Complete Home" and she told of her Mom's washday experiences and how they conserved water and baking cookies in the cookstove. I really want to write some of her stories down for our family! So many wonderful tales!

I couldn't have asked for a lovelier day either. The weather was fantastic! Tomorrow is supposed to be the same and my MIL predicted a frost by week's end. We shall see! If so, I'd better go out and pick the rest of my beans and tomatoes.

Ahh, yes it was such a good day! There is nothing like visiting with family. Dave's sister and her husband came down, and my niece who is a new Mama. We all had a chance to hold the baby-little Kylee Marianna. Uncle Dave held her for the first time and he's such a pro! I know he enjoyed it, he loves babies so!

Now the dishes are all done, the food is put away. Everyone is asleep except me. I am so very tired and I think I will soon go to sleep myself.

I am so thankful for having the chance to spend time with my family today. Jynette came and helped with dishes and a couple of tasks and Lydia helped with some chores and cooking. Brendt carried some things to the basement that I had taken out during the week. And husband...he helps cook...he is so very good to me! I could never pull off these big feast days without his help! Sadly, the feast days are few and far between right now, but I hope to have them more frequently in the future, Lord willing, because I think it's important to touch base and actually sit together as a family.

These things are ever-so-much-more important to me as time goes on and the Lord works in my heart. They were important before, but now I'm looking at things from a new perspective. The view from the cross, and the importance of all my children (and whosoever the Lord sends to my home), knowing and having peace with God. He is so faithful, He is the One Faithful Friend I can count on. His Word will never return void. He will restore all that the moth and the canker hath eaten. He is good. He Who promised is faithful, Who also will do it!

Thank you Lord, for our homes and the blessings on them. I pray, Lord, that all who enter our homes, know at once that You dwell there. Let your grace smile upon the inhabitants and those loved ones who come and fellowship with us. Let us always glorify You and show the fruit of the Holy Spirit in all we say and do. Amen

Take time to meditate on the Lord and the gifts He lavishes upon us as we bask in the wonder of His love toward us. Our families are a great reward from the Lord. A heritage of God's love and blessing. Cherish them as you go about your day and set your heart to delight in the home-sweet things. x0

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