Saturday, October 13, 2007

As I Remember...

The Long View
by Fay Inchfawn
[Elizabeth Rebecca Ward]

Some day of days! Some dawning
yet to be
I shall be clothed with immortality!

And, in that day, I shall not greatly care
That Jane spilt candle grease upon the

It will not grieve me then, as once it did,
That careless hands have chipped my
teapot lid.

I groan, being burdened. But, in that
glad day,
I shall forget vexations of the way.

That needs were often great, when means
were small,
Will not perplex me any more at all
A few short years at most (it may be less),
I shall have done with earthly storm and

So, for this day, I lay me at Thy feet.
O, keep me sweet, my Master! Keep
me sweet!

I spent a good part of this morning looking at a bin full of photos of my husband and I, our children, our parents, our siblings, our relatives, friends, places we've been. So many memories held in one bin.

My heart delighted in each photo as the memories came rushing back. Some of the loved ones frozen in them are no longer here to laugh or cry with, but, I have captured them, smiling and enjoying life. And each moment brings the sound of their laugh, a precious memory of a day in my life and theirs. Yet, I am here to remember them still.

Then, of course, I think about the scripture in the Psalms that reminds us our lives are like a blade of grass, that comes up one day and withers in the sun. And I am beginning to see the reality of that verse.

So many days seemed so long, but looking back in the photos, I see how the years have flown. My little children, where did you go? You are now two grown men and a woman and a young lady. Time has flown. Did I enjoy you enough? Did we laugh enough? Did I do the right things? Did I teach you enough about our Heavenly Father? Will you be alright when the Lord someday calls your father and I Home? These are the things that go through my heart as I look back and remember our fleeting days together-you as my little charges and I as your Dearest Mama.

I have dedicated you to the Lord, for Him to do with you as He pleases. I leave you in His hands forever, to will and to do of His good pleasure. He will lead you where it is you should go, as He's been faithful to lead your father and I.

I intend to get these photos organized during this organization/simplification process the Lord has me going through. I want to journal our times so our family will always know my thoughts on the many adventures we have had and what you all mean to me.

So many faces, so many lives touched, so many in my life to hold and encourage and love. And I do love them, with the Love the Lord has placed in my heart.

It was once prophesied over me that the love of Christ would constrain me. Does that mean I never get upset at a wrong done? When I get hurt it breaks my heart...but can I ever stay upset at anyone? No, God's love is a shining light that forces it's way out of my very soul and forgiveness is a gift God has given me, aside from my own forgiveness. He has blessed me with the ability to walk in true grace and forgiveness toward others that have caused me great pain in my life. I might tell about those situations I've overcome one day to help a brother or sister walk better, but for now, like the photographs, those memories will stay captured, still and frozen, locked in the bin of my mind, always under God's grace, until He gives me a reason to let them out and look at them and share how He helped me overcome wrongs done. I will only say that He is the faithful One, He alone is true.

One thing I did not remember as I looked through any of the photos, were harsh words spoken, punishment for a wrong done, bad or sad times. I remembered good conversations, church services and picnics, graduations, births and birthday parties, babies, babies, babies, pictures of children for my refrigerator-to remind me to pray for them. So many happy times. So many years. So many memories.

A few short years at most (it may be less),
I shall have done with earthly storm and

So, for this day, I lay me at Thy feet.
O, keep me sweet, my Master! Keep
me sweet!

Lord, I pray I remember how quickly our time here on earth is over. Help me to lay me at Your feet and keep me sweet my Lord, my Master. Help me remember that nothing is so important as showing your grace to others-at all times. And help me, Lord, to remember that no earthly "thing" is so important that I need love it more than one of your beloved. Keep me Lord. Amen

Good night my dearest friends and family. May you be rest at His feet and be kept sweet by Him. Thank Him always for the Home-sweet things and whatever you do, do with all your might, as unto the Lord. x0

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His Proverbs31 Sparrow's Nest said...

Oh, I loved this post I can relate to it being somewhat still new at the empty has been 20 months long. :) I am often reminding myself that He is perfectly able to keep my children...they were only on loan from Him to begin with.

I stumbled upon your blog...have been enjoying reading through it all. My husband and I live in the country, and I, too, have long- admired the simple life of the Amish.

Wishing you a very blessed Mother's Day weekend.