Monday, October 15, 2007


photo taken by my brother Glenn

by Fay Inchfawn


Because He heard my voice, and
answered me,
Because He listened, ah, so patiently,
In those dark days, when sorrowful, alone,
I knelt with tears, and prayed Him for a
Because He said me "Nay," and then in-
Oh, wonderful sweet truth! He gave me
Set my heart singing all in sweet accord;
Because of this, I love -- I love the Lord!

The Lord's voice. It is to me so sweet and kind. It is the sound of peace. It is the voice of a gentle friend. It is a flowing stream that never runs dry. It guides me and leads me and tells me and instructs me. It keeps me. It never leaves me.

As I spend time more and more with the Lord, throughout my day, talking to Him in my heart, I sense His leading. I sense His delight in the little things. I sense Him all about me, loving me.

As I seek His Kingdom more and more, I know the righteousness, peace and joy that are His blessing. His life for mine, my life for His. The eternal switch-once for all. The peace that moment accomplished will be heralded for eons. My heart smiles with a joy that is not of this earth. A contentment that He is all I will ever need to be satisfied. He is my righteousness, peace and joy.

Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.

It's all about Him. Him first. Drop your selfishness. Drop it like a pan from the fire. Drop your will. Just let it go.

Step into grace by faith and see that His love is more than capable. Overabundant. Full to overflowing.

His desire is for you. His desire is to show Himself true. His desire is for you to draw near to Him and let Him wrap you in His wings. His will. Your desire for His.

The love He embodies is a force no man can comprehend. It is boundless. It reaches to the heavens. The unlovely, undeserv-ed...they comprehend it, those who cry out to Him comprehend it...He is immediate for them. He is for them. He is.

We pray and He answers to our delight. We pray for a stone...and He gives us bread. He is the bread of life. All who eat this bread will never die. Eat and live.

May God mightily bless you as you seek His will, as you delight in His Word, as you exchange your filthy rags of self-for His robes of righteousness. Seek His Kingdom first and He will add all these things to you. Righteousness. Peace. Joy. Serve the Lord with gladness in your endeavor to give your life for your family...the Home-sweet things-the abundance of His will for you. x0

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