Saturday, April 12, 2014

Productive Day!

Today I felt as if I raced from one thing to another.

Tending to KatyJoy first thing to see if we had kids...nope! She's still breathing harder, but not much going on. Udders filling up quickly...really any time now!

Giving Mimi a bottle (she's still in the dining room!), little!

Right away getting milking done and other chores.

Then the house was empty, so I pretended I had nothing to do except clean my kitchen and do laundry. Wow, did that feel good! I just really like to do the housework, especially when I am the only one home! I love my family a whole lot, but I am not alone much, so I appreciate alone time, I think it makes me productive!

Spent time taking photos of bees when Mr. Home-Sweet was checking his new package hives. They've been in there two weeks now so he wanted to get in there and take a peek to make sure there was a queen laying eggs. He found all the queens and there were eggs in all the hives. Good! Here are a couple of photos:

Wall-to-Wall Bees!

Here Is The Queen
Lots Of Capped Brood

Look At His Bright Yellow Pollen Baskets!

Then I had to go and plant a blueberry bush...and I did, with the sun beating down on me, but it was good to get another one planted. I gave them all a good watering and have to go do more tomorrow!

Happy Blueberry Bush

Had to run to Tractor Supply for kid feed and chicken stuff. Dawdled around in there and came home.

Took it easy later with Mr. Home-Sweet. Good day!

I am thankful for a productive day here at the Home-Sweet...little by little we are getting things done. Each year making more happen. Praise the Lord for a good day!

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