Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blueberry Holes, Happy Doe and Baby Chick Update

Well, the inevitable has happened...the blueberries arrived this afternoon. :) It rained yesterday and the wind blew and blew. There was no digging holes yesterday.

Home-Sweet #1 Son has stepped up to the plate. He dug 2 or 3 holes this evening and will do more tomorrow. I did not remove the berries from their protective boxes in order to keep them safe.

With his help the berries should get planted in good order.

A Happy Ending!

The indoor menagerie is doing well. Mimi the little doe has bounced back, literally. She is hopping all around the dining room, kitchen and long hallway. We started taking her outside again to acclimate her to goathood. She thinks she's a lapdog like our two chihuahuas. This is not good. I have to force myself to let her be a goat.

The chicks are growing and kicking up dust, just like chicks do. I need to get them outside ASAP! I do not like chick dust all over everything. They are already growing by leaps and bounds!

The pepper and tomato seedlings are growing. I am just seeing the very beginning of true leaves on the peppers. Good, there will be a large amount of paper pot making and transplanting. I always feel better when they are transplanted, less chance of turning spindly. I think so anyway.

Tomorrow I am going with a friend to a large town near us. I hope to be able to do a bit of thrifting, if we have time. Then it's home to dig, dig, dig!

I do not lead a very exciting life! But I really do not mind at all.

Here's praying that the hum-drum of living and serving God at your Home-Sweet is as much of a blessing to you as the very, very exciting days...because you are glorifying God in all things! Blessings!

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