Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Edible Landscaping

What do you think about edible landscaping? About Permaculture/Permanent Agriculture?

I cannot remember where I heard it, but I once read gardener's quote that said, "If you still have grass, your garden is too small." ...or something like that. The point is, why do we have a lawn over a garden? Who created lawn and what's the point? It makes work that does not produce anything lasting or of any value and we get no real benefit from it in the long run. In fact, the work in maintaining lawn is never ending (and sometimes causes pride and envy!).

In my opinion, if you're going to spend time and energy keeping something, why not grow food? There are so many things that can be grown that are edible and ornamental...way prettier than grass! And more useful too!

These days, when people are stressed out and running ragged, it makes sense to spend a bit of time each day relaxing in the garden. If gardening is done right, it is not a chore, it is therapy! It's good for the spirit and soul. It gives one time to ponder and the benefits are not only invisible...they reap fruits and vegetables! It's a win-win deal!

What about growing food and helping reduce dependence on the grocery store?  You know right where your food came from AND the bonus to your pocketbook is a help too!

God started the world with a garden for people. The world has moved far away from what God has intended, yet there has been a surge these past years to return to the agrarian lifestyle. If the agrarian lifestyle is not possible where you live, you can still garden. If you live in a city and have a balcony, you can garden. Hey, they even sell countertop gardens for apartment dwellers who have no balcony or dirt access!

Gardening, and turning your lawn into a productive piece of land is also great for the children/grandchildren of the family. It is an opportunity to spend much time together. Children learn the benefit of each one putting in his labor for the blessing of all. It is a chance to pass on the wisdom and knowledge one generation has acquired to the next generation. 

This is my goal in my little acre this year. To take the spaces that are bare, where nothing is growing, and turn it into a garden that will keep us alive. Perennial and annual. Not just to fill in spaces, but to make things work together as pleasing to the eye, yet having a purpose beyond eye candy!

So, you will find me talking about this quite a bit this year as I work at changing things around here. It's going to take time, there will be a lot of physical labor. In the end though, it will be well worth it.

Are you ready to make the necessary changes in your Home-Sweet landscape to create a sustainable spot of earth for your family? It is possible, and everyone working together teaches many lessons. Life lessons that cannot be learned on TV or video games! Take the cannot be done all at once...but it can be done!

 Praise God for the opportunity to take His earth and be productive and creative and all the while be a blessing to our own family as well as others. This is a bit of what one-anothering is all about!

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