Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Glory to God In Spring's Arrival!

It is so good to be able to go outside without three layers on! Without ear covers and hoods and three pairs of socks! It seems to make chores go faster.

What you see are happy pepper plants planted on Mr. Home-Sweet's birthday, March 16th. They happily peeked their heads out and a whole giant tray of every kind of peppers reminded me of last year's plentiful harvest. It's hard to believe we've come around again to planting time already.

The giant tray was coming along fine. I was like a new Mama, tending my little seedling babies. I'm sure those of you who start your own seedlings know what I'm talking about. Sadly, as I was taking the tray to the table to be watered...it slipped from my hands and crashed to the floor. This was a very unfortunate event I dare say! I saved what I could, and that is what you see here. I will still have quite a few early peppers...but alas...the little name markers came out and I have no clue what is what. So, I will have a surprise coming when I finally get fruit. I don't know how far apart to plant them, nor do I know what height they will be. This will make arranging them in good order a bit difficult...I may look into putting them in containers so I can place them where they need to be when the time comes. At this point I am not sure if peppers even like to be in containers. Studying needs to be done!

I did plant more last night, which is behind schedule, but my sister-in-law, the horticulture expert tells me this will just make them produce late in the season. So, they will be late. She proceeded to tell me she was also behind and had nothing in...this put me a bit at ease. I also planted tomato plants last night. I thought it would sound better to say they were planted in March as opposed to April...even if it's just one day!

Now I just wait for true leaves to peek out so I can put them in a paper pot, then it's just happy growing until it's warm enough to go into their raised bed home.

I have them inside a greenhouse...which is in...you guessed it...my dining room! I tell you, my dining room gets a variety of uses...that's for sure! One never can tell what it will be used for next!

Here are the goat babies...now living outside for quite a while...we've since removed their little jackets and they love to romp and play and lay in the sunshine. This photo was taken on a cloudy day, in the evening, so it's a bit gray, but I wanted to share the cuteness and how big they are now!

God bless the Home-Sweet fruit of your hands, no matter what kind of butterfingers you have! Our Heavenly Father is Good and Solid anyway! He is the only Solid Rock in this topsy-turvy world! And I am SO THANKFUL! Amen

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