Friday, April 4, 2014

Sick Goat Kids Take Time

I'm typing this while sipping Bigelow Lemon and Ginger Tea with Probiotics. I give it a 10 on the YUM scale! 

I'm still nursing a sick kid. She is showing signs of improvement though. Praise the Lord. Not the human kid, the goat kid!

Here is a photo of her a bit ago sleeping on Lydia's lap. After this stint in the house, she's not going to go easily back to barn life!

She's the runt of  the triplets. She's grown good and strong, but now is having a bout with worms. Yuck for her. Lydia gave her an injection and we've been feeding her electrolytes. She started taking the bottle again...full milk...we stopped weaning until she's better. She's munching green pine needles. That's all she'll eat.

She's wagging her happy tail again...that's a good sign. Hopefully she's on the mend. Time will tell.

This is what has been taking my time the past couple of days. Mimi, this little doe kid running around the dining room again! Peeps in Jordan's old bedroom. Things to be done inside and out! Today it rained not too much outside!

What is keeping you busy around your Home-Sweet? Take time to pray and talk to the Lord even though you're busy...He's NEVER too busy for you! Hallelujah! Amen!!

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