Friday, February 3, 2012

Why is a Raven Like A Writing Desk?

I do not think there is an answer to that question!

Today was just a wonderfully spiffalicious day! I'm telling you, trying to keep up with this blog is sure helping me get some projects done!

I was gifted this week with a quaint, old, brown writing desk. Very stylish, except for the chippy brown paint. Now, don't get me wrong, I like chippy paint as much as the next girl...but brown? And it reminds me of the muddy brownish color people used to paint their furniture to make it look like wood. It's just not workin' in my decor-know what I mean?

Just when I thought I could wash little Sally Mae Paintbrush and put her away in her plastic bin home, here comes the Writing Desk...and she was called to duty again! We both thought she'd done a marvelous job putting 4 coats of high gloss white paint on the almost finished Book Case this week, and she was looking forward to a little R&R. But, Sally Mae Paintbrush knows how to give it her all, and she has agreed to another round of painty goodness to help spiff up things here at the Home-Sweet.

Writing Desk in his
brown castoff sorrow

Writing Desk is a castoff. He was forlorn. He was painted in the most morbid shade of brown a soul could be painted. But when I saw him, I knew there was hope! I told him, "Fear not little Writing Desk-there is hope for you yet!" Today, in the beauty and the warmth of the sun, on the little front porch (that now also holds my small freezer that moved to make room for a sewing nook-and is waiting to move to the basement), I took off that horrid brown color with my trusty friend, P. Alm Sander. He is a hard-working tool, I must say! He worked and toiled and sanded away at Writing Desk until there was no more paint of any kind on him. Now he is quite bare and awaiting his new color.

Writing Desk's Drawer
with P.Alm Sander
and friends

I am thinking of painting him either a light whipped minty/milky green OR a light whipped milky pink. I have not decided yet, either color will go with my main colors, but it's got to be a color that can be lived with. Now I can live with pink anyday, but I am not the only one living here. Miss Lydia also thinks pink is a lovely Writing Desk color and she is a kindred spirit. I think Mr. Dave does not care what color I paint it as long as he does not have to eat dinner at a tray in the living room much longer! He seems to like eating at the dining room table for some reason! What a patient man he is! I took a general teenage concensus and green seemed to be the color that won in popularity. At any rate, the paint will be high gloss, whatever the color is, and there will be many coats applied and little Sally Mae Paintbrush will earn herself a good rest-unless another castoff comes my way. I seem to be unable to resist finding a home for castoffs. It is a weakness, I think!

Book Case awaiting
his spiffy
new backing

I am almost done with Book Case. The only thing left to do is the backing. I have a lovely idea that I will work on hopefully tomorrow and have it all bright and fresh to blog on Monday. I will also at that time chat more about gardening, since I have been a slacker and spent the day obsessing over sanding Writing Desk with P. Alm Sander. Alas, I had to stop when I ran out of sandpaper and was unable to finish the roundness of his spindly legs-which must be done nonelectric/by hand. So, his spindly legs and lack of high gloss pink or green paint are the cause of Writing Desk standing patiently in the dining room. He does seem to be fitting right in with everyone else in there though, which brings me much relief. So far, there has been good conversation between the pieces in the room. (It is such a task to make mismatched furniture get along. Know what I mean?)

I desire to take photos of my most important gardening tools at present. Since reading 'gardening when it counts' by Steve Solomon, it seems I lack in that area too. But, I manage to make do with what I've got for now. I do try to obtain at least one tool per year to add to my garden tool collection. I do enjoy gardening!

Speaking of books, I know I've shared my booklist of 'books I most-likely/will read', but I am also the type of person who reads by 'inspiration'. I was inspired to read 'The Practice of the Presence of God' by Brother Andrew and 'Mimosa' by Amy Carmichael and have since obtained 'If' by Amy Carmichael. I found 'Mimosa' very spiritually stirring and it gave me many things to think on, I thought in a more serious post I'd share some quotes that spoke to my heart. 'The Practice of the Presence of God' I am chewing on very slowly, at bedtime with the old Virgin Mobile flashlight cellphone that I have from years back. That is what I use for a reading light! I shall straightaway start 'If' as soon as I am done publishing this post. It is not a big book, but I can tell from the little scan I gave it that it will be a challenging little book as well.

Miss Lydia and her
chicken pal sharing
a granny scarf

I thought I'd share a couple of photos I took yesterday of Lydia with one of her chickens. She is crazy over animals of every kind. I asked her if she minded being online for all the world to see, she consented. I'm sure you'll enjoy this Mom...and the chicken told us after she's done with modeling for good! :) After this little photo shoot, we have decided to make little capelets for the girls just like Beatrix Potter did in her stories. Watch for them! Too much fun!!

If chickens could talk,
what do you think
this one would
be saying? :)

Does it not look like
this chicken is smiling?
Too hilarious!

I think tomorrow I will share photos of my menagerie of indoor animals. We do have quite a collection-you know-and I'd love to introduce you!

And that is all the news that is happening here, Friday, February 3, 2012. All in all I'd say it's been a very blessed day, and a very productive day. All glory to God.

I will add that I have also been 'practicing the presence of God' throughout the day. Remembering to speak to Him all through the day and to be thankful in every way and in all situations. What a Savior!

Father, I thank You that I can share bits of my day with my family and friends. Please bless them and teach them to practice Your presence as well and to always be thankful. Blessed be Your Name, Amen

Remember to practice His presence throughout the day as you work to make your own Home-Sweet and family an offering to Him! In His presence IS fullness of JOY!!!


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