Saturday, February 11, 2012

Show-Me Saturday/Busy Day!

Back today from a couple of post-free days. Post-free but not activity-free!

I am always trying to keep things 'cooking' behind the scenes here at the Home-Sweet. I've got more projects going here than Australia has kangaroos! The thing is balancing them all with everything else. When the children were small, I could move a lot faster than I can now. It seems like I got more done then. Maybe I did, it sure used to be busy around here. It still is, but in a different way. I miss that old busy-ness.

It was a sort of gray-ish day. But we planned and actually started to work on the kitchen wall that got a new window a couple of years back. We've had the stuff to work on it for years, just didn't get around to it with so many other things going.

So, I asked a couple of weeks ago if we could pick a Saturday to work on it. Of course, this makes me very happy! Dave-not so much. Thank God though he knows how to do all this stuff! We should earn a merit badge for frugality in that area! We've been working on bits and pieces of this place for years and mostly because of tyranny of the urgent. There are some major things that need to be done around here. Over time, Lord willing, they will get done. This is one area that I struggle with, spending money on a house that will perish. Still, I'd like to get it where I am company ready at all times. Not quite there yet, but I'm a lot closer than I was a few years ago!

OK...picture posts for goes! Have a most blessed Lord's Day Rest tomorrow.

this has been the sad state of the dishwashing
station night unto three years now. finally,
it is getting fixed (yay!)

somehow this does not look fixed! but there
is still hope within my heart and a
vision of the finished product! i tell
my heart to never fear! dave can fix anything
(and he can you know!)
will keep you updated on the kitchen updo
(i have to add-i cannot wait for those
cabinets to GO!)

on the homestead-chickens have really
started laying! we got 23 eggs today!
almost 2 dozen-WOW!

here is a fine bunch of eggs all washed up
and ready to be packaged when dry.

speaking of chickens, this project is
a fun thing i have concocted in my
brain. something fun, yet strange-which
is nothing more than what you should
expect from me. i will fill you in with
the details as it becomes necessary,
but not before!

here is another project i started today. i
have to keep taking indoor photos on the
very edge corner of Sir Writing Desk since most
other places in the house are covered with kitchen
things! this delightful project will be a heart bunting.
i found it online and will most definitely share
where i found it and my own tweaks on the pattern

last, but not least i wanted to share a
book that i've had for quite a while tucked up
on the bookshelf. it is full of granny goodness.
so many types of granny patterns. one of my favs
is this cover photo of a gingham granny afghan.
i LOVE gingham. i cannot help it.
it says grandma to me, old-fashioned, country,
homestead, garden and childhood dresses.
i LOVE gingham!

i will now share some pages from
this lovely granny square book

who can forget the lovely
poncho they wore to grade school?
i think our neighbor friend made
one for my sisters and i one year

i know it's hard to see this
colorful poncho, i could not
get the camera to take a clear
shot of the page. in the right
color combo this might actually be
pretty. it sort of has a stained-glass

this pillow top is pretty, i may try
to put one together in the midst of
all my other projects this month

i like these two projects. who doesn't
love a tea cozy? and the placemat is folky
and i'd like to try some of these, they look
like they'd make up quite quickly-with proper endurance!

yes, yes, more blur, but are these not some
too-cute potholders? i need some new ones, maybe
i can swing these for a summer project. crocheting
afghans is too hot in the summer, potholders
are a good size. they look like old sweaters.

i like this tote. i like it better
than the bright red ones i have in
my car-you know, the ones i
always forget to bring in aldi's
and save-a-lot? those.

i like this granny puppy jacket. i think
this doggie likes it. i think my dogs might
get used to it. i might make one for jack
right away and then mr. timmy. it only takes
16 squares-i am getting f.a.s.t at them and could
whip that up in a few days! i'll keep ya' posted
(i have no clue where i will get all this sit-down
crochet time-but i'd better get to it-spring is
around the corner!)

One more photo post for today-it's not a great shot of him because he does not sit still. So here he is:

jack. he's a mini-pincer/chihuahua mix.
he is a ball of energy. he loves dave.
he is very protective. he lurves to
chase chickens! most heartily!

That sums up this long photo post. I'd love to
hear what's going on in your Home-Sweet. Drop a
line and let me know!

Tomorrow is the day of rest. I pray you are able to set aside the time to be still and know that He is God. It is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves. We are His people and the sheep of His pasture. Let us enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. Be thankful unto Him and bless His name. For the Lord is good, His mercy is everlasting and His truth endureth to all generations! Amen!

Thank You, Father for showing us Your goodness toward us. Thank You for Your Word. Thank You that we can enter into Your presence because of what Your Son, Jesus Christ has done for us. Thank you that we can come boldly to Your throne of grace. Thank you for your enduring truth and everlasting mercy. Help us to take this prayer and ponder and consider You and Your goodness toward us. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Bless you as you rest tomorrow in your own Home-Sweet.

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