Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I used to love to rearrange rooms and furniture. Back when I was 25 and I could lift anything that wasn't nailed down! Now I use more of a sliding/dragging method. I put a blanket under the legs and push and pull the dresser (or what-have-you) to it's new destination.

I think I am now going to have to repent of my jealousy of some older people I know. Or is it sane people I know??? Take my Grandmother Millie, for instance. You always knew, when you went into a certain room, that it would still be THAT room. All the beds in all the bedrooms and the dressers too, were always where they always were-all my life!!! And my nice stable Mother-in-Law-her furniture is always where it belongs! Not so in this abode! You never know what furniture is going to change rooms, corners or even leave-you may not even know where you will be sitting after work-well, who may not even sleep in the same room you slept in last night! I ask this a sign of mental issues like I've heard???

Sometimes moves here happen out of necessity. Sometimes it's out of my weird wanting to decorate. Sometimes it's because everyone I know is coming over and I want to live in "House Beautiful" and so I'll set it up nice-and of course you can't really live that way-so eventually I change it again.

Cue the violins:

Once upon a time, I had a laundry room. Now I don't. We took it off when we were putting in a foundation. Of course we meant to put it back-we really did, but will we ever??? (I am not complaining-really.) My laundry room was also my pantry-which I have done without for about two years or so. No more pantry meant putting our canned goods and boxed goods and good goods in other places-like my bedroom and other strange stashing sites. Completely out of order if you ask me! It's like, "No Honey, the spaghetti sauce is under the bed!" "Oh you want cereal? That's in the cabinet over the washing machine..." Stuff like need a road map to find food in this house! So this year with our abundant winter squash crop needing a home inside the house...I had an epiphany (which always sends the fam rolling their eyes and looking for somewhere else to be)!

Here's the new deal:

I have a lovely studio that I set up for myself. The works...I painted, I slowly hung shelving on the walls, moved in shelves and neat old cabinets. Then I moved in all my stuff I've collected over the years. It's bright and sunny and while it's so full of stuff I can't really work in it-it's just nice to have all my stuff in one room and OUT of the basement. (Please ignore my overuse of the word "stuff"-that's just what it is-plain and simple!) With this thought...hmmm...the wheels in my head start whirring...

My daughter Lydia, has the littlest room in the house. Big enough to sleep in, but not really to entertain sleep-overs. Still, it worked. Again...that strange, yet familiar sensation to reconfigure, redecorate, redefine...

Then there's the basement. Where my studio used to be. Not finished really-cinderblock walls, damp-ish and a bit dark. Finally, the light bulb illuminates and the epiphany is clear!

My idea is so wonderful and clever, I think, that I should have no problem selling it to Dave! (He did go for it, but only because we have to save the squash!) OK...I've got nothing better to Lydia's room will become my pantry. My studio will become Lydia's room and the basement will once again be my studio. (The violins are now playing "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain When She Comes".) I must accomplish this as fast as I can because it's been cold and the squash is going to be ready to come in and I have to get myself back to creating! Plus, I don't know how long I can keep everyone happy while they trip over and crawl around the contents of a three-room-switch!

I am forcing myself to NOT paint any walls for now. That is hard-I am so-so-so much the perfectionist that I want the rooms to be "perfect" before I move the stuff in. (I remind myself of the scripture about godliness with contentment being great gain.) Still, it could look more "homey" in the basement if I... NOOOOO!!! I keep having to remind myself...this is not the time for "House Beautiful"!! Just MOVE stuff!!!

This is it for awhile. It's going to take more than this week. So far, Lydia's bed is in my studio, her clothes are in the dining room and her furniture is helter skelter all over the place. I managed to drag a few shelves and cabinets into my new pantry and moved the canned goods out of my bedroom and where they belong. I'd sure like to paint the walls a buttery yellow and I have the cutest thrifted old daisy sheer curtains to hang in there! Yum-cannot wait! But for now-the "No Painting" rule applies and I may be the only girl in town with a purple pantry. I've just got to get it in there and set up. I know-I can paint this winter when there is no outside work.

I managed to get to work in the basement thanks to my oldest son, Brendt and a friend. Tomorrow I will manage to take two more large shelves down and sort the books on them and decide what goes downstairs and what stays up here.

I keep asking myself where all this stuff came from! I really have no clue! I do know one thing...a bunch of it has to go! If I were like my sister Angie...I'd just put it all in a pile and set it on fire. Wouldn't that be freeing? My husband and children would probably buy marshmallows to roast and have a ball at that event! I cannot bring myself to do that no matter the joy level of my beloved and our chilluns! So, I will sort for give away, throw away and finally sell some of it on ebay.

I'll keep you posted on my progress. I'll need to because if this keeps up-you may be the only ones who'll communicate with me!

A very tired "Goodnight" to you and God Bless you as you thank Him for the Home Sweet Things!

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Stephanie said...

You're rearranging AGAIN??? Just kidding, I totally "feel" you, honey. I think this time you've got it! Good ideas. And don't worry, purple is PERFECT for a pantry. The Purple Pantry! Has a sort of ring to it. Can't wait to see it when it's done. But I'll come visit you WAY before then :) Let me know if you want to put up any wallpaper. Love Ya!