Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Journey

Hello to all who manage to find their way here! It is my hope that this blog among many blogs will not only bring my family and friends visiting, but will also let me share my thoughts on making and keeping the "home-sweet things" as I yield myself to God and allow Him to make Proverbs 31 a reality in my life. Life in Christ is a continuous learning experience and I am so blessed to say the Holy Spirit is still leading me on this righteous path.

I hope to record my journey of finding contentment and satisfaction in the things that are not of this world-the things that really matter. I will share my "unctions" (for lack of a better word) from the Lord as He shows me what I need to do to simplify my life and how I can be a blessing to my family and others He puts in my path. None of these concepts are new to me, it's just that I see a greater need and feel a deeper conviction from the Holy Spirit to make these things more of a reality in my life and in the lives of those I minister to.

Here's a neat poem I really like and thought I'd share:

Red Geraniums

Life did not bring me silken gowns,
Nor jewels for my hair,
Nor signs of gabled foreign towns
In distant countries fair,
But I can glimpse beyond my pane, a green and friendly hill,
And red geraniums aflame upon my window sill.

The brambled cares of everyday,
The tiny humdrum things,
May bind my feet when they would stray,
But still my heart has wings
While red geraniums are bloomed against my window glass,
And low above my green-sweet hill the gypsy wind-clouds pass.

And if my dreamings ne'er come true,
The brightest and the best,
But leave me lone my journey through,
I'll set my heart at rest,
And thank God for home-sweet things, a green and friendly hill,
And red geraniums upon my window sill.
Martha Baskell Clark

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