Monday, November 25, 2013

More Thoughts On Where This Is Going...LONG!!!

I was jotting down some random thoughts blasting through my head the other morning. They woke me up and I had to get up and write them down quickly...lest I lose them all. Can anyone relate? I tell you the truth, if I don't write down my thoughts as soon as possible...they're gone.

I've been reading a Reader's Digest Condensed Version of "Pioneer Women: Voices From The Kansas Frontier" by Joanna L. Stratton. It's been on my bookshelf for years, along with others I intend to read soon. Books I collected and placed on my shelf over the years because I like learning about the frontier days and the history they keep, and I thought I might write a story someday...maybe I still will, who knows?

There is yet another reason I like these books. The women's stories in them hold knowledge that has been forgotten or ignored or passed off by many as outdated, yet I believe we are seeing a revival these past few years among more and more women desiring to know the old ways of doing things. Not to mention the 'sense' that we should know these things, which I believe is God-given, Holy Spirit inspired. Although...we are more precious than the sparrows and God will take care of us through whatever comes.

I think about modern day people living that way too. So very many blogs with men and women sharing their wealth of knowledge with anyone who cares to read their latest post. Most enjoyable to me! It seems I cannot keep up with all there is to take in!

So, I am trying to compile thoughts about just what to share on here.Just where I want to go with this blog.

Jesus said things toward the end will become increasingly troublesome, violent and there will be an intense shaking of all that can be shaken. Is it wrong to have a plan to weather the coming storms?

I enjoy reading all the happy blog posts of people who do not seem concerned about any current events or things/signs on the earth. Things seem to go along as they always do for them. Happy Blog Land is nice, fun and definitely takes your mind from 'reality' for a while. Yet, the overshadowing reality is that things are going to get increasingly worse as time goes on. This is scriptural, but we are not without hope!

The Lord Jesus Christ is the world's only hope. He is the only way God has made to overcome this world and the issues that we face that are so compounded over time. Jesus said we would have tribulation in this world, but to be of good cheer because He has overcome the world. There is much comfort in that! What a Savior! I thought I'd add that we should not, we must not, get so wrapped up in the times and preparing for the approaching hard times that we forget to shine Christ's light to this lost and dying world. This would be a very grave tragedy.

With that said, in light of the times we are in, and what I read, there really is a sort of preparation among many people in the (ahem) 'civilized' world.  This 'global' thing coming, has been predicted in God's Word  and  Why in America are we 'prepping'? Is it because we have lived soft lives up to this point? Maybe. I guess in other countries they already live a bit more hand to mouth. Will they be any more ready when the man of sin comes along? What will life for the world be like then? For the believer? We do have some glimpses in Scripture...the world will adore him and the believers will be completely shattered. That's what I read.

How long will we be able to live peaceably in this land of ours? We are supposed to be praying for our leaders that we may be able to live peaceably, loving the Lord. Times are changing. They are. I know it's a hard reality...but persecution is coming. I just wonder how long we have until that day comes when the American world as we know it, bows their knee to the man of sin. Major deception has been predicted by Christ, I pray that we may escape the things that are coming!

If we are still hanging on here, of course waiting for the Day of the Lord, when He will come for His own...that Wonderful Day...if we are still here (there will be those who are alive and remain until His coming...they will be taken up after the dead in Christ rise first...)...if we are still here, what must we know to maintain any kind of day to day living? It's hard to imagine, and hard to know what skills to learn so you have the survival know-how when you do NOT receive the 'mark' and cannot buy or sell. If maintaining a life is even possible. If we are not all hiding, or stuck in some kind of communal-type work house or camp community. Who knows? There are many, many speculations out there. And from what I read in history...many believers in the past lived lives fleeing, hiding and dying a martyrs death!

So, with all that said...and believe me, this is always swishing around my gray not be too self-reliant...because we must be Father, Son and Holy Spirit reliant...what good skills are important? What basic skills and tools do we as Papas and Mamas and keepers at home and husbands need to know to do what we have to do?

In reading this book, "Pioneer Women", I see that a lot of women did not really want to give up their nice homes for sites unseen to start all over again. But they followed their husbands anyway. Such were the times and I think there is much to be learned in that lesson right there. How many women would let their husbands decide such a major decision like that and simply follow along? These women were following their husbands into unknown land, knowing there would be much hard work to come. Most times it was much harder than they could imagine. Yet, from what I'm reading, they made the best of it, rolled up their sleeves and got to work. Yes, some did cry, some cried hard when they saw what they were up against. But they soon dried their tears and just did the next thing.

Sometimes along the way they had to give up sentimental items to lighten the wagon. Just left them along the trail. When they got to where they would settle, they were without a lot that they had thought important to bring along. But they did the best with what they had. They were creative and innovative. They soon caught their husband's vision and came alongside him as a helpmeet and supported him.

There were even times when just after starting out, a husband would die. I don't know how many widows gave up and went home, but the stories I'm reading, they stayed on and picked up where their husband's left off and ran successful farms.

My question is: Do we, as 'modern' women, have the capability of doing the same? Of not complaining in hardship? Of supporting our husband's vision and coming alongside him as a true helpmeet, trusting God to work out the details?

Could we run a farm? Could we run it successfully and knowingly AND benefit from the fruit of our labors? Could we run the family business if necessary? Do we have the necessary skills? Do we have the knowledge, the ingenuity, the enterprising minds? I think the Proverbs 31 woman could have.

Could we handle doing everything without electric? Could we keep order in a home with mud walls and dirt floors? Would we complain? Would we be able to be kind to strangers? As far as I can tell, a lot of this prepper mentality makes everyone suspect and instead of going the second mile and giving your cloak AND your tunic...shooting them comes first...then, if they live, ask questions. What's that about LOVE? What's that about LOVING YOUR ENEMIES? What would Jesus do? Just sayin'...

There are so many things to know, to learn, to force ourselves to do. Right now I am thinking, for instance...if something were to happen and my husband was not here to cut a chicken throat for food...could I do it? I have always relied on him for that awful task...but could I do it? What do I know about electric? Nothing. Plumbing? Nada. My water well? Nope. These are all things that I grew up and have lived thinking it's 'the man's job'. Not good if we had a problem. Of course there's always the thought that none of that would matter at that point.

This is just stuff I'm throwing out there...maybe no one else thinks about these things. I might be the only one that thinks this way. That's fine...but if not, I'll keep reading books and blogs and posting and sharing what I'm learning just in case I'm not the only one.

Any thoughts out there?

Father, In Jesus Name I come and ask that our hearts be not troubled, nor afraid. We put our hope and trust in you. Lead us in truth, help us to know what to do and how far to go in these times we live in. We know that we are born for such a time as this. Lord, I ask that whatever I share be a blessing and help my sisters draw nearer and nearer to You. You are our source of wisdom, and we have only to ask and you will give it liberally to us and without reproach. Thank you for being our strength and present help in time of need. Amen

Praise God as you seek Him for wisdom and skills you can use for His glory in your Home-Sweet as we see the time of His return coming nearer and nearer.

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