Monday, November 4, 2013

Just a Whole Lotta Stuff!!! Mind Dump.....

Lately, in between daily everything, I've been cramming my head full of information. Thyroid info, Real Food Summit, Biz starting webinar and e-classes, Lupus study, Gluten-free eating/dining/cooking/living, green cleaning, superfoods, real foods, homesteading, dehydrating, holistic medicine, sewing, crocheting,...OH MY!!! Not to mention Pinterest...Dearest...that could so easily turn into a time snatcher for many things to little time...and just when I vow to log off...something else catches my eye! Dangerous stuff that Pinterest!!!

Back to my studies...there is so much that can be learned in our information driven world! How to keep up with it all...that is the question on my mind today.

It was nice to take a break and go outside and do some goat pen cleaning and raking and mulching on my garlic. Physical work definitely has good mental benefits. The fresh air and sunshine help a body too!

Changing our diets to gluten-free has been wonderful! After struggling with candida for over a year, (and anyone who has had it knows what I mean when I say...struggle), gluten-free is really no big deal AND you can eat some things you couldn't when you were killing systemic sugar overload. But, growing up constantly taking antibiotics, what else could the outcome be? We had our share of earaches, sore throats and such...and most times...Doc Murray would pull that loooooooooong needle out of his bag at his visit to our home and fill our back ends with penicillin. When I was young and then into my teens, I lived on antibiotics because I always suffered with strep throat and tonsillitis. No fun!

Anyhow...Praise the Lord, that is history. They wanted to take out my tonsils, I wouldn't let them, I suffered, they prescribed and I lived. After many years it all caught up with me and I had to take care of it. With food...or the lack thereof. I very rarely get sore throats now, and never do I get tonsillitis or strep. And I still have my tonsils...thank you very much!!

I've also been studying holistic medicine and am quite interested in it. I am in the process of working on a 'natural medicine first aid kit' and will keep you posted. God has provided herbs and foods for us that heal, if we know what to eat when, our bodies can do what God intended them to do. As I study God's creation, I see the balance of how it all connects and points back to His wondrous, unfathomable mind and His love for those of us that breathe His breath. He is amazing and I cannot wait to see what else He has in store for those whom He loves.

He has made some powerful food in it's most basic state that is so good for us and nourishing for our system, it just astounds me. 'Superfood' is what it is called. (Those of you who already know this, bear with me please. LOL) One day soon, I will share a bit more about what I'm learning. The Father thought of everything...everything...of course!

With this fibromyalgia/hypothyroidism I am working things out naturally. I guess I'm stubborn...but I refuse to take synthroid. Thank God, I have options. Some are not so fortunate. Do I have pain and lots of symptoms? Yes, every single day. I have been taking Thyroid Health from Dr. Christopher, and my exhaustion level has subsided a bit. So, I am studying the link between fibro/thyroid health...and that whole system and what happens when it's compromised. Lots to learn...and I am my own guinea pig!!! Again I say, food is medicine-good food...which is not what they sell in the middle aisles of the store, for the most part.

Green cleaning interests me because I'd like to get rid of the chemicals that could very well be contributing to my poor (but improving, Lord willing) health. White vinegar, peroxide, salt, baking soda, borax and lemons all make good cleaners and laundry stain removers. Having fun with that. know me and laundry...I like doing laundry! From sorting to loading to hanging it on the once in a while ironing. Especially ironing! Favorite...I kid you not! I find it totally relaxing and love the smell of starch and the results!

Still dehydrating hot peppers...this is not a new thing for me, but I have been wanting to do a post on it, maybe soon. The history of it, benefits, storage, how-to...stuff like that...again...drying foods is something I am a total advocate of. It just makes a bunch of sense for a homesteader and 'off-gridder'. And there are a few dehydrating style options. Good stuff!

Well, at any rate...I've been busy the last while and it doesn't look like it's going to end any time soon. Still, I am enjoying myself and at some point hope to post some of my findings and lessons learned.

What extracurricular things are you studying to help those you love and your Home-Sweet? God has blessed us, truly He has. What will we do with all that blessing?

Thank you Father for Your wonderful might, so big it can create the universe and so small it can only be seen through special equipment. No accident, no chance...ON PURPOSE!! Yet, You hold it all together...for You are the One who measures the universe in a span! Wow...And that is where you hold Your hand. All of it is just so awesome, it makes my heart sing! Praise the Lord!

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