Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Little Advert...Classic American Made Excellent Clothespin Sale...

Thought I'd take a minute to let you all know that Mr. Herrick Kimball from The Deliberate Agrarian has placed for sale, on his website, his very own Classic American Clothespins.

If you, like me, consider yourself a 'laundry connoisseur' then you are always looking for 'THE' perfect clothespin. I do NOT like it when I am using a clothespin and it snaps in half sending the metal spring flying across my yard. Can you relate?

If so, just go to Mr. Kimball's site and order yourself a good set of clothespins, made by him, in New York, America!

Look at the amazing quality:

I think Mr. Kimball may be on to something! Great idea!

People...there are a limited number of packages available...he started with 225 and last I knew he was down to 60 because I JUST bought a set.


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