Saturday, October 5, 2013

Thoughts and Ramblings On Where To Go From Here...

by Fay Inchfawn


    Because He heard my voice, and answered me,
    Because He listened, ah, so patiently,
    In those dark days, when sorrowful, alone,
    I knelt with tears, and prayed Him for a stone;
    Because He said me "Nay," and then in- stead,
    Oh, wonderful sweet truth! He gave me bread,
    Set my heart singing all in sweet accord;
    Because of this, I love -- I love the Lord!

I've been thoughtful lately about how to continue my little slice of Blogland. Thoughts about how to make my blog more useful to others, what topics to discuss and what direction to take. I know I'd like to be more diligent in blogging, that will take some doing, some planning and attention. So many things tend to take my time around here, away from other things I intend to do and the day slips by. I'd like to share more recipes and handiwork. I'd like to share books I'm reading and books I've read. Teachings I've heard and lessons I've learned. Sites to visit where one can grow in grace and truth. These are some of my desires and some of the things I've been considering for this Home-Sweet place.

There are some topics I've not discussed fully due to worry about how some would take it, how they would perceive my motives. I've been very careful about that. My personal things. Careful and at the same time prayerful lately about how to share some of the things we've come to know as truth, scriptural things, not bizarre things, but nonetheless, not 'popular, modern day Christianity' things. Early church things, book of Acts things, Biblical things. Things the way Jesus said them, things the way He laid them down at The Sermon on the Mount. Things He showed us in His Word, examples He set and meant for us to follow. Hard sayings and tears and suffering and sorrow...yet in it all beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Those kinds of things. Beloved life teachings and the working out of them that produce good fruit, as they should. The struggles of fleshing it all out in this life and in this wicked world where we are to remain unspotted.

So many things have happened to us since my post about my first trip to Lancaster, our search for truth in Christ and where it has led us today.  The beautiful, wonderful people of God, citizens of His Kingdom in Christ, brothers and sisters in the Lord that we've had the privilege to meet and grow to kinship and brother and sisterhood and love and communion in Christ. The areas He's changed in our lives, the things He's added and the things He's taken away.  Hardships and sorrows mixed with joy unspeakable and full of glory.

How have we handled certain things? How have the people we know and love handled what God has wrought in our lives? This many years later, what have we learned? Where is God taking us? Are we fully obeying Him?

So many questions roam through the hallways of my mind, of our minds. Yet one thing we know for certain: we would never go back to the way we were, ever. There is no way we could, in the light of what we know now about God and His Word and His Son, Jesus Christ and His Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness and the Wicked One...and the whole world under his sway and where it's all going. There is just no way we could ever go back. No way. We have decided to follow Jesus...though none go with us, still we will follow. Though none go with me...still I will follow. I say all this with trembling because as I type, I know so many who I thought would make it, and yet have gone down a forsaking path...God have mercy and draw them back to Yourself...please!!!

I suppose I could start with 'What Happened Next...' and go from there. Maybe I will. Whatever I do here, I pray it will always be to further the Kingdom of God and to glorify His Name.

A lot has changed for us over the years. Many do not understand what we've done, how we've changed and instead of asking, they avoid us and have gone away and left a void. Still God has mercifully filled that void with sweet fellowship with like-minded believers from all over the world who we share convictions with and consider our brethren.

Well, with all that said, I think I'll start at the beginning and go from there and keep this blog going as long as the Lord allows. I'll continue to share my happenings and ramblings and doings and goings-on. Everything I do is linked to, nay controlled by my convictions in Christ. We'll see how it all works out here on the blog.

I just thought I'd post an update on my thoughts of late...where I'd like to take this blog. Perhaps nothing will change and I'll keep sharing in the same manner as I've done in the past, yet there are things I'd like to speak about that I shied away from and I think it might be time to be more open about my life, our life now that what God has done has lasted all these years and is not showing any signs of stopping, only growing and becoming more and more tangible and fulfilling and heart stirring. Until we're with Him in glory! Onward Christian Soldiers...

Praise Him for direction and confidence in Christ and His love and blessings on us and our Home-Sweet...and yours as well! Count all your many blessings...see what God has done in your life and be thankful to Him and bless His name, for the Lord is good. Always and in every way for His Glory! Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Glenda!

Glad to see you posting again. I have you bookmarked and randomly check for a new one. Miss our email chats. :)

Love in Christ,