Thursday, October 31, 2013

Garlic is IN!!!

It's been a busy week here. I've been attempting to get some indoor things settled before the cold weather sets in. And there are so many things to get done outdoors...I could spend entire days out there, I think. One thing I appreciate about the 'blog world' is that it seems to keep us all a way. At least aware of all the things there are to do to prepare for winter. It seems never ending and by the time winter's cold sets in, you really need the break.

The other day we were 'fixing' up a fence for Miracle to come back home. She loves to ram fence, and we do not have good 'goat' we had to reinforce it. Lydia and I. She never used a circular saw before, so I let her. I thought we did alright. Of course, Mr. says it looks like the Clampetts from The Beverly Hillbillies live here! But hey...we're talking about goats!!! Big goats...ramming goats! And it works!

Finally, after preparing the patch a while back...Lydia and I got the garlic planted! We set 145 bulbs...with room for a bit more. It started to drizzle. The template sure made things faster and the dibble and we got a method down and it just moved along. I did till it all up again, by hand...or should I say by foot...or both?  I used the garden fork to turn the patch over again. It was quite the workout! Invigorating to say the least. Of course I feel it now...but it was worth it. I was driving Lydia crazy with my straight row obsessions...but she handled it great, after she calmed down! LOL She's a bit more freestyle than I am. I need straight rows...I just do. We had to do a row patch over because the template moved crooked and I told her it would plague my long winter's nap knowing those garlic bulbs would shoot out of the ground willy nilly. SO...she let me fix it while she went ahead and kept planting. Good girl!!!

You can see from all the weeds growth that I let most of my garden 'rest' this year. It managed to grow some tall weeds. It couldn't be helped, Dave's Mom was with us again recuperating from a hospital stay. She's more important and God always provides!

We are having Thanksgiving dinner here again this year. It always turns into a crowd, even if some just come for dessert. This year it will be different though. Our entire dinner will be gluten-free. We are excited because for some reason, even though cooking GF takes a bit longer, we really enjoy it. So, we're working out the menu. Most of the meal will be cooked that day. Not much can be prepared ahead, as far as I know, maybe the cold stuff.

Speaking of GF...can I just say that Bob's Red Mill Brownie mix is YUMMY!!! I have seen recipes for home made brownies the last couple of days that we can try soon. As I said, this GF way of eating is fun. Lydia and I work in the kitchen together much more than ever and we enjoy ourselves. She enjoys it...which makes me happy, I like help in the kitchen and we get to spend time together.

On top of having the meal, I will be going through the house with a major cleaning spree. That's just what I do whenever I am having guests. With my strange limitations, and never knowing when that dratted fibromyalgia will start flaring, I started tearing things apart already. I can hear Flylady warnings whenever I think about tearing too much out!

Still, I have plans for winter too. That basement that has always been out of sight, out of mind...well, my aim and my great hope is to finally tackle it this winter. The wood stove is going and it is toasty warm down there. I have so many things to sell on Etsy...craft type things to get rid of. I'm sure some other artist can use them. If I do anything extra, I sew. Yet, I have plans to make a sign here or there. I'd like to make one that says, "Maranatha" and some other scriptures...or one word phrases that stimulate thought toward God and the heart posture. I'd also like to get some of my photos in order and use that Cricut my Mom gave me.

I wanted to mention, Quinn over at Reformation Acres has a giveaway for a wonderful product. It is from a family business called The Haven Enterprises. They work with wood and their hands to bring God's Word to life in your home. I, like Quinn, place God's Word around my home to have family and guests ALWAYS be mindful of the Lord, no matter where they are inside. Soon, I will be adding signs outside too. I want to be working on that this winter for spring. The Haven Enterprises makes trivets and cutting boards, all the way up to beautiful door post scripture, and I imagine something home-sweet for just about anywhere in your home as they do take custom orders. Simply the way God arranged it to be for a family...with Papa at home...if possible. The best way! What a blessing!

This is something I've been really considering a lot lately. What can I do here at home to bring Dave home or at least make it so he can be home more? I think plenty! With being more frugal in many places, to asking God to bless the work of my hands or to use my brain and this blog to not only help other women at this stage of life, seeking the Lord and seeking the Old Paths and learning all that that entails. I am right now taking a course on how to do just that. How to make it so my blog can not only be an outlet for me to share, but also something to bless others and make a difference.

I'll keep you posted on how it all works out! It's almost a 12 week course and I will be learning many ways to use my blog to bless and help others and get 'out there'...if that is the Lord's will. I have lots of ideas...LOTS!!! So...hopefully I will be able to learn a lot and pass it on  to others.

What are your chores to prepare for winter? Do you have winter plans?

May God bless you as you plan to settle in for winter in your Home-Sweet. I pray He blesses the work of your hands and grants you lots of strength to get done all you need to do. All for His glory! Amen

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