Saturday, October 26, 2013

Passing Days...Routine...and All That Good Stuff!

I've been thinking about the routines of my life lately. To many, my life would be absolutely boring. But to me, I find that the regular pattern of the day is a comfort.

First off, quiet time with the Lord and jotting down chores and things on my to-do list. I made my own list in a print shop and it's quite handy for me.

Afterwards, I enjoy the rhythm of the way I let my birds out in the morning: first set of ducks, big chickens, walk around to little chickens - let them out, go to Mama and Papa Ducks and 8 babies and let them out...saying 'Hello' to the goats along the way...over to the pigs for feeding...working on fattening them up! Then inside for a bit of warm coffee.

(I just noticed how dirty these girls let their faces get! They simply adore rooting around! And if I throw them weeds...well, it's Hog Heaven!!)

After my wakeup coffee, it's back outside to do the goats' feed and hay and check bunnies and make sure everyone's water and hay and food is fresh. Maybe rake up goat area or chicken area...and back inside. As the days get shorter, the timing changes...but the routine is so predictable...and I like it that way!

I am trying to find the time to do some things extra inside the house. I'm not milking anyone right now, so you'd think I'd have more time to accomplish something. Au contraire!!! How  in the world did I get so much done when my children were little...and 4 of them no less? They're all grown now, with Baby Lydia just turning 19 years old on the 17th...the baby!!!...and I haven't a nicker of time anyhow...all day long! Why? Maybe because I'm older and slower?? Still, no interruptions...well, that's not necessarily true all the time. Yet, with the new year coming and the past year's assessments...I am going to reassess my time management. I cannot get that all figured out.

Alas...there are some things around here that must be done in a timely fashion, or I'm out of time for the year!

So, right is garlic planting time. Can you guess what this is?

Or how about the same thing this way...

Well, this may give it away...

The book explains how to go from planting garlic to making garlic powder. We followed Mr. Kimball's method last year and got good results. This template Dave made for us should speed up the planting guide process...I just don't want to have to fuss with a tape measure. So, Dave made me this template according to Mr. Kimball's specs. He also gave me a bonus that I did not ask for...a planting dibble which will save time measuring out the correct planting depth for each clove. Hurray! So, the plan is to plant Monday. Seems that will be the next best day. Mr Kimball's site is called The Deliberate Agrarian and you can find it here.

Today was nice, but too windy for garlic planting and we also had plans to work in the small chicken coop and make our littles happy. Happy chickens...happy's all good (and yummy)!

We had our first frost last night. Sad to see things wilty. Almost time for the earth to rest...according to God's routine plan set in motion in the beginning. The sun, moon, stars...planting times, plucking up times...according to Solomon in Ecclesiastes. So...I plucked up my wilted pepper plants. Lots of hot peppers to dehydrate. Not sure what I'll do with them after that, but I know the guys like them on everything. I had good results with my peppers this year. I'd like to get them in earlier next year. They did good though with all the rabbit manure and goat manure I put in the holes. My raised beds have beautiful soil in them. They loved it!

I couldn't resist taking a photo or two last evening when the sun was floating down toward the hill for the night. The sunbeams on the geraniums I potted quickly this year looked so pretty...and I am a geranium fan to say the least! 

I'll share:

I cannot help myself...a few more red geranium photos...

Truly one of my favorite flowers. I am not quite sure why...they just are!

Well, gonna go get some's been a long day working outside. 

Hope to blog the garlic planting with my new template and dibble! I'll be sure to snap pics...put them up soon!

God bless you as you imitate Him and glorify Him with your Home-Sweet routines!

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