Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Chapters

Life is full of beginnings and endings. We all know this. Some of us learn that life changes at a very young age. For others it flows along and all your changes seem to happen at once. I know my life has had many changes over the years. Some were wonderful while others were devastating. Yet, as I look back over my time on earth and the many changes I've endured, one area remains constant. God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ my Savior and their never-ending, unfailing love, protection and care for me.

Looking back is not really something Christians are encouraged to do. We are told not to forget where we've come from, but we are called to press on toward the prize. I think the only reason I look back from time to time is to remember how God kept me in every circumstance. Even when I wasn't aware He was keeping me.

My brother said something to me today that I thought was very interesting and very true-God is the God of today-the "I AM"...not the was or will be...He is "I AM"...where ever you are, when ever you are.

And am in a "new chapter"...I feel as if I'm a traitor to my very cause here. Speaking of women loving their home-sweet lives, fulfilling our call to be keepers at home. I do believe that no matter our circumstances, we are called to be content; to love the Lord, love our husbands and children and neighbors. I believe in this with all my heart. Yet....

I got a part-time job.

There, it's out.

Yes, I work now on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Only part of the day. Lydia is taken care of and does her school work. And I am not at home for that time.


Well, it's a sewing job. You all know how much I enjoy sewing. I love to sew. I love to be creative in many areas. I believe God gave me this ability. It is a talent that I've used in the past to make extra money at home. Making dolls, girl's clothing, things for babies, tea towels...lots of things.

But Why?


Any of you who know me...know that my daughter Jynette moved out when she was 17. This was very sad and traumatic to Dave and I (our whole family really) because we just didn't feel that she was ready to be on her own.

Things were hard here at home with her. She was a rebel-no matter how hard we tried to do the right thing, it just didn't work. I'm sure we did plenty wrong...plenty.

Screaming and yelling and lots of arguing-none of that is the Lord's way.

At that time I did not know what God's Word said about being a wife and mother. I was still kicking against the goads, having a "form" of godliness but denying the power thereof. It's true...I was a Christian of the American form-feministic, dominionistic, materialistic and probably hedonistic as well. Sick-but true. Why did I think I was a Christian? Because I was not taught truth on this subject and I didn't know God's Word. I fit what I liked and ignored the parts I didn't.

But anyway...back to Jynette.

She moved out when she was first little girl. She moved into an apartment with two guys-thankfully neither of them had a relationship with her. My pride constantly asked what any of my friends from church would think! Those who knew us best...what would they be saying??? But mostly I was worried about my daughter.

A couple of years have passed and she's gone 'round the mountain a couple of times. So have I.

Things have mellowed between us. I am one of her heroes on her myspace page (now I am working at living up to that example a mother should be to her daughter)! On the first of August the lease is up on the apartment she is in now and she says she is planning on coming home.

Now back to the reason I got a job.

I'm certain now it has everything to do with Jynette. You see, she works there too. She told me about it and kept telling me I should really go over and try to get a sewing position. So, one day I filled out the application and went over.

Every day I am there-I see her and we take breaks together and eat lunch together. And she talks to me and I listen now. She asks my advice and I try to give her Godly counsel. She says she prays for her Dad and I and she wants to be Daddy's Girl again. Even now it brings tears to my eyes. God is using this time to bring healing and show Nettie that we can be Mom and Daughter and friends. I believe God is drawing her as well. She talks a lot about Him.

So, I got a job. I don't know how long I have it for. However long it takes to win my daughter's heart back toward home. Until the Spirit of God tells me "It is finished".

In the meantime, I've made a few nice lady friends. We talk about gardening and the lovely woman who is training me is a Christian and quilts. How cool is that? It's been a long time since I've worked an industrial single-needle sewing machine. But I got hired on-the-spot when I took my sewing test and the experience I'm getting is wonderful.

I got a job. I see my daughter three days a week (more if she comes to visit the house). I'm getting more sewing experience AND getting paid for it. Lydia is being taken care of when I'm not home. And even though I have less time at home, for some reason I seem to get more done in this shorter amount of time.

Everything changes. This too will pass. But in it and through it, I'm sure I will see God's unchanging hand and His continual steadfastness and His grace in returning a prodigal home where she belongs!

All Glory to Him!!! The Great "I AM"!!

Bless Your Holy Name Lord God, my Redeemer. Thank you that restoration and love are always Your will. Amen.

Remember to love your family and bless them in every way as Our Heavenly Father commands us to do-when we serve them, we serve Him. The Home-Sweet Things are a blessing from the Lord! x0x0

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