Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thoughts This Evening...

by Frank French

Little white snowdrop just waking up,
Violet, daisy, and sweet buttercup,
Think of the flowers that are under the snow,
Waiting to grow!

And think what a number of queer little seeds,
Of flowers and mosses, of ferns and of weeds,
Are under the leaves and under the snow,
Waiting to grow!

Think of the roots getting ready to sprout,
Reaching their slender brown fingers about,
Under the ice and the leaves and the snow,
Waiting to grow!

No seed is so small, or hidden so well,
That God cannot find it; and soon he will tell
His sun where to shine, and His rain where to go,
Making it grow!

Very soon it shall be spring! I was thinking today about planting peas, as I've done for years now. It seems strange that as I get older the seasons and times rush together, tumbling and rolling swiftly one into the other like a giant tumbleweed! Why, when time becomes such a precious and rare commodity, does it seem in such a hurry? Oh well, I'm sure it's a mystery no one has figured out yet, so I won't bother trying. The thing is to remember all our times are in His hands and to utilize each moment the best we can.

That is one thing I am trying to learn as I've gone out to work part time in this Vestment Factory. Time Management. Something I have never been great at. I am an awesome procrastinator-something which I really do not like about myself. So, this new schedule forces me to get things done now. Which is very good for me!

Back to planning the planting of the peas. Usually I plant them at the end of March or the beginning of April (which can almost be too late if it's already warm out!). So, now that it's on my mind to do, I must get the seeds from the farm store this week on my way home from work and get outside to make sure the roto-tiller is ready to go! Peas love the cool ground...but not too cool and definitely not too wet. This rots the seeds and you have to plant all over again. I don't have time to plant twice.

And is there really anything to planting with the moon? I'm not sure. A co-worker was telling me her Dad swore by it. I don't like going outside in the night and the dark. We have a great horned owl outside hooting all the time on the edge of the woods now. I think he knows we have a chihuahua and wants to eat him for dinner! We have eagles all over too! Tye would make a lovely little appetizer for some hungry owl or eagle babies!!!

Then there are the coyotes howling and running to and fro! No...I think I'll plant my peas in the daylight if it's all the same to the moon-planters. I'm a chicken!!!

I cannot wait for spring! There are so many things we want to do in our garden this year! That can be another post though. It's late and I need to get up early for work to sew and chat with the ladies and have my sweet Nettie come up to me and give me a hug during break and say, "Hey Mommie"-knowing her Mom is there. It's good for us-you know? Her and I. And eating lunch together three days a week is a good thing. And her telling me she's giving her two weeks notice at her second job because she asked for Sundays off to go to church and they said, "No". Can they do that? Anyway...we've come a long way. We really have. Thank you Lord!

Lord, help us to bring each day to You. Help us to not be time-wasters. Help us to be good stewards of every 24 hour day You give us. Amen

God Bless you as you learn the art of making each moment count toward your Home-Sweet Things! x0x0x0

(P.S. I am too sleepy to add pictures tonight...I'll try to add some tomorrow!-spoken by a true procrastinator!)

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