Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Within my House
by Fay Inchfawn

First, there's the entrance, narrow,
and so small,
The hat-stand seems to fill the tiny hall;
That staircase, too, has such an awkward
The carpet rucks, and rises up on end!
Then, all the rooms are cramped and close
And there's a musty smell in rainy weather.

Yes, and it makes the daily work go hard
To have the only tap across a yard.
These creaking doors, these draughts, this
battered paint,
Would try, I think, the temper of a saint,

How often had I railed against these
With envies, and with bitter murmurings
For spacious rooms, and sunny garden
Until one day,
Washing the breakfast dishes, so I think,
I paused a moment in my work to pray;
And then and there
All life seemed suddenly made new and
For, like the Psalmist's dove among the
(Those endless pots, that filled the tiny
My spirit found her wings.

"Lord" (thus I prayed), "it matters not
at all
That my poor home is ill-arranged and
I, not the house, am straitened; Lord,
'tis I!
Enlarge my foolish heart, that by-and-by
I may look up with such a radiant face
Thou shalt have glory even in this place.
And when I trip, or stumble unawares
In carrying water up these awkward stairs,
Then keep me sweet, and teach me day
by day
To tread with patience Thy appointed
As for the house . . . . Lord, let it be
my part
To walk within it with a perfect heart."

The sun shone today and that just makes all the difference-doesn't it? I need the sun's rays as often as possible to make it through the long winter. The gray really gets to me after awhile. It is such a blessing to have the warmth and light streaming through the windows and brightening up the dark rooms. It gives me energy and zest!

I have decided to paint my dining room and kitchen a pale gray. The current color has served its purpose and now I need something a bit calmer. The light plays with this new color and looks gray at times and also a very nice light blue. I will still be accessorizing with the other colors I love: turquoise, red, bright pink, apple green and white (and really any other color that fits). I got the paint chip from a trip to Wal-mart-KILZ Casual Colors-called "City Gray". I took it the next day to Home Depot and had it matched and brought home a quart to try it out on the wall and to see if I liked it. Lydia picked it out of all the samples I brought home and I must say she picked a good one. I really like it. So, this weekend I will be painting my dining room. I know it's not the best color for an eating area...but it's the one we like. I'll share photos later.

I always intended to make a booklet up from a blank sketch pad with the paint and cloth samples for my different rooms so when I went to a store I'd have something with me to match colors and cloth and wouldn't have to guess if the item will match. I have decided to purchase the blank book and get that going this weekend too. I don't have a lot to put in it right now, but there are a few things to start with. When I'm done with the dining room, I need to paint my hallway and then all the white woodwork in the house needs to be freshened up . This will take a bit of time, but I will try to get it done before things are ready for the freezer this spring. I want to make one for my garden this year too so I can better plan ahead for the next year's-it's getting too big to remember everything now. We shall see...we make plans but things happen!

I thought I'd share my cabinet full of glassy memorabilia and thrifty finds today. I got the cabinet from an old house I cleaned out for a real estate client. The items in it are from thrifting and living family member's hand-me-downs or family members who have passed away. Every time I look at the cabinet I think of different people whom I love and those I miss. Oh yes, there's Helena's happy, little snowman standing guard over it all! If you click on the photo it should enlarge and give you a better view.

I didn't forget about my apron give away, it's just-obviously postponed. Perhaps I'll get to work on it after I get finished painting. I am also working on an old novel to put into a PDF file for your reading enjoyment. Not an original work, just something I read once that I enjoyed. I passed the book along to a couple of friends and they enjoyed it and so I'm typing it into a PDF file to share. It will take a bit longer and I'll get a link on here (I have to figure it out of course). It is an old story written in the 1800's. It is a novel and it's just a sweet story. But I don't want to "spill the beans" yet. I am also coming along with my images for my sewing book for Moms and their daughters. Actually, I'm working on a few things and I need to finish the ones I've started so I can get them out here to you. The sewing book would also help someone trying to learn how to sew and stitch. You will see. It's a very old book that I'm revamping.

I'd like to post some things I am thankful for now-it's been awhile since I've updated my One Thousand Gifts list:

#16: the ability to work
#17: streams of sunshine to bask in
#18: friends found on blogs
#19: the privilege of learning about You, Lord through life's lessons
#20: artistic talents
#21: my own washing machine in which to do my laundry
#23: spending time with Lydia
#24: beautiful music
#25: the joy of simplifying life-one decluttering spree at a time
#26: the peace of a balanced checkbook
#27: the days free of pain
#28: lunar eclipses to share with my children
#29: plans brought to fulfillment
#30: homeschool

May the Lord bless you as you tend to the daily tasks and as you tend to the inner house-the inner man. May He fill your inner spirit with the fruit of His Holy Spirit, that your inner man may be straightened-not straitened. Oh yes Lord, let us not be so narrow-minded that we focus on the external only-but that we are fixed on things above-on You, O Lord, on You. Amen

Oh Friends, there is no blessing like the blessings of Home-Sweet Things.

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Helena said...

Hey Glenda,
I love the music on your blog.
Your cabinet is so beautiful and neat as a pin.I am so touched that my snowman is in there!