Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Remembering "Why" This Week...

Hello My Friends! Time to end my unintended bloggie absence. I pray all your Thanksgiving feast days were happy and blessed.

I wanted to make you all aware of Crystal Paine's blog challenge on Biblical Womanhood to: "Make Your Home a Haven". It started yesterday (December 3rd) so we haven't missed much. There are a lot of like-minded women who are sharing in the challenge. Go over and be encouraged!

I'm all for making your home a place where the world stays outside and inside it is orderly, calm and filled with the essence of God's gentle presence. I need all the encouragement I can get in this area of my life. We know a stay-at-home woman is not always understood nor respected. It seems, at times, that people think I don't do anything all day. Believe me, there are no bon-bons in my freezer-and I don't watch TV all day-nor do I have time to lay on the couch! I'm sure if you shared your experiences, you'd say the same!

I will admit, sometimes there is temptation to go out and find a little part-time job. Especially when I think about how tight things are financially. We've never really lived an over-the-top existence here. We've had lean times and times where we've had more than enough. We've never gone hungry and all our children had clothing to wear. We have learned to be content. I'm sure many of us are learning to do without "extras" since the hike in fuel and many other necessessities. Many of us are learning frugality as well.

I've been spending time reading many books and articles on making money at home. There are many of us doing this. I am working on some things I am passionate about and hopefully others will find them interesting and something they can use in their homeschool or in their homes too. I'm excited about it and cannot wait until it's all ready to launch!! (More on that soon!)

Every day this week I am spending 9:30-1:30 in my friend's real estate office to help her out while she is away. I used to sell real estate. Talk about stress, talk about patience, talk about forgiveness!!! I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia while under the stress of selling real estate. I'm in the office answering the phone and relaying messages and doing clerical work while she is away this week. It serves to reinforce my decision to stay at home and eventually work at home. Thank God, while it is not always easy financially, I have this option. Many of us don't and I feel that it is up to the church to minister to these women.

This is good for me, I want to journal and blog this to remind myself why I came home, why I was so convicted, why I was absolutely convinced that it was the best thing for my family and me. I get to remember what it is like to run out the door every morning and leave what needs to be done here for when I get home. I am also remembering how tired dealing with people can make you. It reminds me of what a working woman goes through in a day and then goes home tired to keep her home on top of it.

Lord, help us to remember to always be thankful no matter what our situation is and trust You to help us find a solution in our circumstances. You are always interested in what concerns us. We want to trust You. Remind us by Your Spirit that what's not done in faith is sin. Help us to walk in faith in You and not by what we see. Guide us to fulfill Your will in our lives. Amen

Appreciate the Home-Sweet Things every moment!

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