Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Instant In and Out of Season...

Hello Friends. I have come to the conclusion that I am not in charge of my house (something I should have known all along).

The Lord is.

Right after I put my house together the way "I" wanted it: my dining room, my studio, my living room, MY comes another homeless young person needing a place to lay his head. This has happened to us so many times over the years I should have known that after the last time...after I said "No more!"...God said, "Once more..." And so, I have spent this week undoing my purple pantry for a more noble cause. I am relinquishing my rights to my house and surrendering them to the Lord.

My husband did not bat an eye. He knows he is looked upon with a questioning eye by his co-workers for taking in youth. He knows many people frown on the attempt to make any kind of difference in someone's life. Some friends and some family and even people who call themselves "Christians" think we are insane and even chide us for being "naive" and "foolish" to seriously think it would make a difference.

Even when we took in the young man (18 yrs old) who was sleeping in the back of a truck trailer in the middle of winter with no coat and no warm blanket-near a junkyard in a shady part of town. He would sneak into the junkyard at night when no one would see him.

My son brought him home one night while I was asleep. He was so happy to be warm. When my son told me about him, I made him the hugest breakfast and he ate until he was full and he made this comment to my son, "Wow, no one has ever been that nice to me." What would you do with that? I went in my room and cried...there was no question that he would come and stay with us and never sleep again in a cold trailer shivering alone. He stayed long enough to detox from heroin, he got a couple of jobs but didn't keep them. He moved in with his brother after our "let's make progress" deadline...and once in awhile he pops in. I don't know where he's staying right now (my sons keep tabs on him), and if he ever needs anything-I pray he knows we care and I pray that at some point he learns to trust the Lord enough to give his life to Him.

We've been used and abused by some of our house guests. Some of them were dirty, some were recovering drug addicts, some were totally out of control, some stole from us-but when each one left, I cried. Some stayed with us for months, some for weeks, some for days. We felt we should show God's love to them all. Some received Him, others refused Him. I still pray for them all. Yes, some made me very angry, but the Lord loves them and I am reminded to forgive seventy times seven. The love of the Lord will constrain me. And it does. And love never fails.

I have no idea why these young people come to us-I just know, if I am entertaining angels unawares, I want to do it with the right spirit. If Jesus came and needed a place to sleep, I'd clean my room from top to bottom and let Him sleep there. So, I can give my measly purple pantry to someone who asks of me. I am humbled by the opportunity from God to show His love to yet another who has need of Him. I am blessed by the opportunity to show unconditional love to someone who grew up without it.

If I am a fool for Christ's sake, and I err on the side of grace and love, then so be it. I only pray that I remain worthy to be instant when it's convenient and when it's not convenient.

I encourage you all to ask God how you can be "inconvenienced" for Him and for the opportunity to show His love to another human being on this planet who needs to see Him for real. Today is as good a day as any. Do something out of the ordinary in the Name of the Lord. He looks for willing hearts in people who believe every jot and tittle of his word. Faithful is He that calls you, Who also will do it. 1 Thess. 5:24

One Thousand Gifts...

#6 for the opportunity to enjoy my daughter Jynette's visits

#7 the fun call from my friend who is doing mission work thousands of miles away

#8 putting the house back in order

#9 laughter

#10 blessings of food in the pantry

Lord, help me to be a vessel fit for Your use. Thank you for the opportunity to show love to others in ways only you can know they need. I pray that I would be a witness of Your truth. Please provide for our new guest and let him see You in all we do. Thank You for choosing us to do things that seem foolish. Blessed be Your Name Lord. Amen

Be inconvenienced in the Home-Sweet Things and receive an opportunity to entertain angels unawares!!! x0

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