Thursday, May 5, 2016

When Overwhelm Creeps Up Like A Slow-Moving Fog

Dear Sisters,

Sometimes, as the 'wearer of many hats', we lose sight of who we are and forget to take time for ourselves to refresh and become inspired. If you're like me, you try very hard to do everything right, and at times, it takes a toll. Discouragement creeps in like a slow-moving fog on a moonless night, it wants to envelop you and wrap you up, like a spider wrapping an insect.

I know about this because at times, things become overwhelming and I want to fold up and give in to the grip of despair. Yet, I do not let myself become consumed by the lie to give up, give in, forget my dreams and hopes and throw in the towel. No, I refuse to allow the enemy to dictate to me what my emotions and actions should be at any given moment!

I want to encourage you to recognize when the 'fog' is creeping up on you, when the lies of the enemy are becoming louder than real life. Acknowledge overwhelm for what it is, then as soon as possible, bow out of what is going on right then, whatever it is. Close yourself in another room, take a moment to chat with the Lord, wash your face, choose an encouraging Scripture to meditate on. Remind yourself  that this scenario shall pass. We used to joke about sniffing lavender...but it's a real thing...have some on hand and sniff away!!! Bliss!

Go outside, pull weeds, walk around your yard and enjoy the scenery, sit and stare at the sky and think of the Greatness of God...take a few moments for yourself, to quiet yourself, to be still and know that He is God. It is not selfish, I promise. Ask God to fill you afresh, to pour into you until you are full...then make a plan to take some quality time for yourself. Sometimes we all need an afternoon or a day to be rejuvenated. Some of us need more, but I'm not in any phase of life where I can bow out for even a week! A day would be hard, and I cherish it when I get it!

Intentional, uninterrupted time, for me, is a precious commodity as I'm sure it is for most of you. We are well aware of all the things that take our time. I am suggesting that if you have something in your heart you've been craving to do...pray, read, paint, sketch, crochet, knit, write letters, call a loved one, go visit a neighbor...take the time to do it. Schedule it in if you have to, it will give you something to look forward to. You'll know the day and the hour is coming and it will brighten the days ahead of it. Then take it. Not only will you be refreshed in spirit, your family and loved ones will benefit because you will return revived.

Father, help my Sisters and I to know You are the first safe place we must run to when things begin to overwhelm us. Your Word gives us life as we meditate on it. You have blessed us with gifts and joys, dreams and hopes. Let us not become weary in well doing. Help us to take the time to enjoy the blessing of those things in life that are good and that fulfill our creativity. Thank you that every good and perfect gift is from you, Father of Lights. Show us how to use our creative gifts to glorify you as we aim to make our Home-Sweet a haven for those we love. In Jesus Name, Amen

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