Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Sermon: Staying Silent in a Perilous Time

In light of some of the things going on around this country this week, I thought I'd share a good message by Carter Conlon. This week we saw one who was not afraid to speak the truth of God's Word, when push comes to shove, would I be as brave? Would you?

Jesus said a time is coming called The Great Tribulation. Do you think this is a time when all the earth is eager to hear God's truths? Would you 'Dare To Be A Daniel' the song says? How about a Jeremiah? People back then, and people now do not understand that speaking the truth is love!

I share this as food for thought. The time is coming when those who follow the god of this world will gnash their teeth when they hear God's Word in the same way they did at the stoning of Steven. Will you be able to say, as he did, "Lord, hold this not to their charge" as they were stoning him?

This is a posture check. What is your posture in the face of the things that are coming upon the earth? Are you seeking the One who gives grace or are you flip/flopping in the form of 'christianity' that the world follows?

So the pious will be tried
Here on earth,
That their faith be found
Pure, genuine, and purified,
But after this short time, 
They will rejoice forever
With unspeakable joy.

Ausbund, Song 124 Verse 8 
(Amish Hymn Book)

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