Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I've Done It Again...

...had too many days between posts.

The thing is, there is always so much going on here and it takes me some time to sit and say the things that are worthy of sharing that I do not get to it. Maybe I need to simplify here too!

I have found some good blogs these past months and enjoy reading them. I will post them on the sidebar for easy access.

Right now, we are having another snowstorm. It has already snowed overnight-4 or 5 inches. I'll be out shoveling all the paths to the chickens and wild birds, the bunny and the basement door to the woodshed. I acutally enjoy shoveling. There is something-don't know what it is-about clearing the paths of the snow-to make the walk easier.

Maybe it's some kind of life-thing for me...'the clear path makes the life-walk easier'. The only clear path I know of is the path of Christ-the Narrow Way-the Good Way. The path that narrows as you walk it-the difficult way. Yet, with Jesus to guide us, the great cloud of witnesses to cheer us on...the 'Follow Me' is not too hard when we keep our eyes on the Prize!

It reminds me of the Scripture from the Psalms (119:105):

"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path."

Shoveling in the still, snowy, gray daylight, where all the sounds are close and low, gives me time to ponder things that are taking place here at home, around the globe with my loved ones and brethren. It gives me time for clear, uninterrupted thinking and even time to pray without interruption. Yes, I think I enjoy shoveling very much!

I do have to locate my mittens though, I dropped them on the ground, I think, and two little chihuahuas have taken them out into the yard. I suppose I will find them in the spring! So, when I come inside and have time to 'set a spell', I will attempt to crochet a new pair. I'll let you know how that works out!

Off to begin shoveling before it turns to ice as predicted!

God bless you as you walk the Narrow Path with the Light of Christ guiding you; as you begin your daily tasks and enjoy your every moment today knowing you are surrounded by that great cloud of witnesses (found in Hebrews)! Let the 'Home-Sweet Things' be a joy to you as you offer them to our Great God and Father in Heaven! Amen

P.S. Since I haven't blogged in quite a while and haven't been tallying my 'One Thousand Gifts' steadily since...who knows when?? I am going to start all over and get on with it from here. I have sincerely been thankful for many things over the past couple of years, I just have not posted them faithfully.

So, let's begin again.

Right now, I am thankful for:

#1. The strength to shovel!
#2. Daughter #1 was home and spent time with us.
#3. Enjoyment of God's gift of outdoor beauty and wildlife.
#4. Chicken feed in both hoppers!
#5. A warm, cozy house to dry off in and hot tea to sip, warm up, relax and count my blessings. :)

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Gina said...

What a sweet encouraging post! Thank you!